• Public corporation law abolished. The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation was broken up to form the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation.
  • User-Installed Main Telephones Introduced (Terminal Equipment Liberalization)
  • Level 2 Packet Switching Service Begins
  • Melody telegrams introduced
  • Shoulder Phone (Out-of-Vehicle Mobile Telephone) Service Starts
  • Melody voice telegrams
  • Night-time telegrams were reviewed and night-time delivery was restricted to emergency fixed-text telegrams sent between 7 PM and 8 AM.
  • Toll Free '0120' Service Begins
  • Various New Pages first published
  • Automatic Answering Telephone "Response"
  • Flower telegrams (congratulatory or condolence telegrams)
  • Pressed-Flower Telegram Service Begins
  • Public In-Flight Telephone Service Begins
  • Saturday Calling Rates Reduced
  • Recorded Message Service Begins
  • CD Town Pages developed
  • Mobile telephone service introduced
  • Display-Type Pager Service introduced
  • Embroidered telegrams and deluxe pressed flower telegrams introduced
  • Clover Phone
  • Rates Revised for Direct-Dialed Calls (Daytime Rates for Inter-Area Calls over 320km Reduced From 10 Yen per 4.5 Seconds to 10 Yen per 5 Seconds)
  • INS Net64 Service Begins in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka
  • Data Communications Business Spun Off as NTT Data Communications, Ltd.
  • "Off-Talk" Communications Service Introduced
  • Hiragana telegrams introduced
  • Auto-Dialing Phone Cards Introduced
  • Howdy Cordless Phone "Passe"
  • New Town Pages published with improved layout and business categories.
  • Telephone "Exchanges" Become Branches and Offices
  • Information Fee Collection Service (Dial Q2) Introduced
  • Nationwide Directory Assistance Number '104' Adopted (Without Area Codes)
  • Abbreviated Dialing Service (# Dialing) Introduced
  • Card-Style Pink Telephones
  • Digital Public Phones
  • Set Discount for Catch Phone (call waiting)
  • "NTT Card C" Simplifies Credit Card Calling
  • INS-P Service (6/1)
  • Toll Free Calling Rates Discounted
  • Night-time telegrams reviewed
  • "Great Chrysanthemum" Embroidered Condolence Telegrams
  • Deluxe Melody Telegrams
  • New Type Digital Public Telephone Set
  • "NTT Global Environment Charter" Adopted
  • 3,000 and 5,000-Yen Phone Cards Go Off Market
  • Lacquered Telegrams
  • TeleChoice Service Begins
  • Melody Pressed-Flower Telegrams
  • Long Distance Calling Charges Reduced
  • Mobile Communications Business Is Spun Off
  • Contract for 1-Million Line Rural Telephone Expansion Project with TT&T of Thailand
  • 'Memorial Flower' Condolence Pressed-Flower Telegram Offered
  • 'Harmony Chrysanthemum' Condolence Telegram Offered
  • Public Telephone Calling Rates Revised
  • Ultra High-Speed (150Mb/s) Leased Line Service Introduced
  • Medium and Long-Distance Rates Reduced
  • TeleWise Service Introduced
  • TeleDome Service Introduced
  • 'TeleGong' Service Introduced
  • Cooperative Venture with General Magic Announced
  • Telegram Service Introduces Use of 'Kanji' Characters
  • HDTV Video Relay Service Begins
  • Member's Network Service Begins
  • "Dial Q[2]" System of Programming by Category Begins
  • Technical Cooperation with Microsoft Announced
  • Partnership formed with Silicon Graphics of the USA
  • Nuisance Call Blocking Service
  • J League Melody Telegrams
  • Frame Relay Service Starts
  • Revision of Base Rates and Directory Assistance Charges
  • 'Call Waiting II' Service Introduced
  • Digital Cordless Phone PIET S100-S Set
  • 'TeleChoice' Service Introduced
  • 'TeleHodai' Service Introduced