One of the most important basics for your life is health as you know! And for your trip it is,too.
Han-Y prepares a chance for lucky! Why don't you go and get it!
It has a good memory, beautiful scenery as well as a chance for better health and information.
Okay, then what does Han-Y do prepare for you here?
The trip to Korean mountains.
First, Korea has four distinct seasons. It is terrific to find out how our mountains would change in each season. It is just
like all mountains try to dress up and out according to the four seasons - spring, summer, fall and winter. Let's sense it!
Our spring starts from March and ends somewhere in May.
The average temperature for spring is about 23กษ. Surely it is the best season to go here and there, because the cold winter
has finished and snow on the mountaintops melts and goes away.
All countries decorates themselves with a full of azalea and golden bell just coming out.

Especially, you will have a best impression on lovely Korea if you trip
to Sobaek Mountains and Cheju Island's Halla Mountains spreading with flowers like royal azalea blossoms
and rapes.
From June to August is our summer, I'd say. With an average temperature of over 30กษ. A little bit hot,
isn't it?

Recently, owing to the global environmental problems,
in hard words so called greenhouse effect, it is slightly getting hot. So if you want to view Korean mountains in summer,
you would better get some hot pants!! Vacationers are usually trying to pack and hit the road for mountains, seashores and
islands avoiding the sultry weather.
Imagine the refreshing water plopping from springs and streaming along with paths on green forests. It is enough clean to drink it without boiling there.

As a result, will guide you to a green mountain,beaches and resort areas in KangWon Do.
O Dae Mountains with a light breeze along the forest path of a thick big-Korean pines and Chi Ak Mountains. One more for you! How about taking a walk in Korean Mountains.Better!
Korean fall is from September to November with an average of below 25กษ. It is autumn's mountains that you cannot miss. All leaves turning into red and yellow, which is just like an artist's nice paintings.
Supposed you were in the middle of a mountain like Seol Ak Mountains , Mt. Songnisan National or NaeJang Mountains, so famouse for its
beautiful scenery. Every place is covered with a colorful silk.
With an average of below 5กษ, it is Korean winter from December to next February. However, it would be colder than you expect to be. Fit yourself out for a winter trip!
Usually the first snowing comes in the middle of December, but Han-Y is not sure of it because of a nowadays whim of weather.
A few years ago, could see snow in early November. A-ha!
Anyway, once you have a view covered with tiny snowflowers you should be moved out, shouting "Oh!
It is great!"
Here Han-Y has information on Jiri Mountains, one of our best places,
TaeBaek Mountains and skiing! Skiing is the thing we cannot avoid to refer to. All the news on ski resorts.

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