It is well known that Korea has two thirds of lands covered with nice and beautiful mountains. Also with four distinct seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter,
Han-Y would add the fact that most people remember how lovely mountains Korea has change their clothings each season.
We can enjoy in the spring a picnic for blossom viewing, in fall for multicolored leaves, in summer for a vacation to beaches and coasts and in winter for sky. What a great thing it is!
The country with a history going back more than 5,000 years ago, it would be one of the most important things for us to know our history, Han-Y thinks.
In this sense, now we start with our cultural legacy.
The first is Kyongju-shi, which still contains some of reminiscence from splendid Silla Dynasty culture.
Then let's turn our direction to Andong-shi to breathe our ancestor's lives. Following that, we stop by Ch'ungch'ong-do which has the stuffs at Peakche Dynasty.
Now, which could be our next choice?
Oh,boy! I almost forgot.
It should be very great for you to visit each old palace in Seoul that was a biggest capital during our history ruled by kings.
Another! I recommend these places.
They are the very museums scattering most of the cities in Korea. If you don't have any special plan, why not go one of them?
You could make yourself relaxed there!
You feel some boring? Okay, let's find more active thing.
Well, here Han-Y prepares something about Korean traditionals, if you may want to know more.
Above all, there are information on Samulnori which is the dynamic performances of traditional percustion music, Pansori which is the traditional songs, often with performaces just like musical and Talchum which is the masked dance. The others things are for the next time. Right?
It is the education information Han-Y does for you who want to learn.
Please click!
Oh, the hell? The time for having foods. Han-Y believes that if you are in travel, you should concern about your meals.
So it is for restaurants with good service and good foods.
If you want to save your money in traffic, use subway. Korea has just two cities with subway: Seoul and Pusan. The one in other cities are under construction.
Han-Y will give you a talk about the spots with subway trip. Because both cities is the first and the second largest cities, so they has lots of things for your sightseeings.
Something is missing, uh? It is enoutg worthy of visiting if you go another country. Decide! Next is the markets, so called Shijang in Korean.
It is a really, really important one for you, if you are with your girl or boy friend.
I'll guide you.
The streets of youth and fashion! The streets with old things of Korea such as furniture, ceremics and so on. You may find a new part of Asian culture.
Or you could make a good plan to spend Saturday night with your friends.

Wow, a short breath!
But it is my plesure to think that Han-Y's guide would be great helpful for you all.

How about Han-Y's guidance?
Not to mention?
Yet, to be honesty with you, there are many things Han-Y
doesn't know.
Would you give me a letter for letting me know the things that I don't know, but you know?
Please... Lastly, I will talk a little bit about tourist information centers,
accommodations and the things you should know before the trip to Korea. Time to say Good-bye!
Take care and let's meet in Korea!

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