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Spring Tour #2 of Fair Lawn

View of the Saddle River in Fair Lawnssshhh.....You can almost hear the birds nesting in this scene of the Saddle River in Fair Lawn (at left). The River is a popular nesting ground for a wide variety of birds and Canadian Geese. Wait awhile and you will inevitably be greeted by a bright red cardinal singing to his mate. The River is also stocked with trout by the County, and fisherman, young and old, are frequently seen testing the waters.

Bridge Over Saddle River - hmmm, wasn't that a movie?Pictured here is one of several bridges that cross the Saddle River in Fair Lawn. The bridge is used by bicyclists, joggers, roller bladers and others out for the occassional stroll. It's a great place to stop and watch all the activity that the River brings. Very popular on sunny weekends.

Grand Union in the center of town.Alas, there is a center of town where the hub of Fair Lawn activity is seen. One of our readers e-mailed me to include a picture of the Grand Union, which dominates the center of town and is a visual focal point.

Have you seen the Original Tour or our Spring Tour #1? If not, check them out.

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