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larry's free stuff on the Web
The Web has tons of free stuff, and EVERYONE loves free stuff. My friend Dan, who has a real job with computers, gets a slew of computer mags which he forwards to me after he's done with them. I scour them for all sorts of information and often come across pages of reviews of Web sites which give away free stuff. Its only a short trip to the computer to check out the sites and put this stuff out to you. Feel free to nominate a site for this page.

PCN - The Pointcast Network
This free software searches the Web for you and locates specific news, sports, stock quotes, lottery results, weather, horoscope and more. It then displays the results either on your command, or as a screen saver in a dazzling array of colors. Unbelievable!
C|Net hosts this site which allows you to perform a search of over 160,000 shareware and freeware programs available for download on the Internet. Most of the programs you download will be "zipped" (that's computer talk for compressed). If you don't have a decompression utility, try downloading an eval copy from WinZip.
Virtual Jerusalem
This is a state of the art high tech virtual community site where you can download free Hebrew software, send a prayer to the Western Wall, sign up for a pen pal, and get the latest news from the Holy City.
This is a free service which says it will e-mail you reminders of important dates or recurring events. Worth a try if you can remember to check your e-mail daily.
A searchable database of the job classifieds of major newspapers such as the New York Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, LA Times and the San Jose Mercury News.
This is a highly rated directory of freebies on the 'Net which is updated frequently.
Next to Nothing
Julie Pederson is a freebie hound who put together this site of toll free 800 numbers that you can call to get free stuff.
A nifty online atlas detailed to the street level which helps you locate what you are looking for through an ingenious query system, and then links you to sites connected to it.
The Catalog Mart
Imagine, if you will, 10,000 catalogs in 800 subjects, all FREE! Fill out one form and check off the subjects you are interested in. There are so many subjects to choose from, the form takes a while to download.
ZIA Fresh
The lists of free stuff and coupons on this site are updated weekly and are searchabe, but there's more to this site then just free stuff!

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Last updated on September 24, 1996