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Fair Lawn High School Alumni Page

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Here is a chance to find old friends and meet new ones. Fair Lawn High School graduates are writing in from around the world. Represented below are graduates far and wide from Adelaid, South Australia to Penang, Malaysia to Berkeley, California and next door. This list of graduates is compiled from alumni who have written to the Fair Lawn InfoCenter asking to be listed. If you would like to see your name, message, and e-mail address posted here, please register for a listing and we will post the information and appropriate comments on this page.

1950's Grads | 1960's Grads | 1970's Grads | 1980's Grads | 1990's Grads

Class of '52

Ronald Giacomaro
Address: Felton, CA

Joan Puccetti (nee Stevenson)
E-mail: kenp@adam.com.au
Address: Adelaide, South Australia
Comments: Married with eight children and nine grandchildren. Interested in hearing from anyone from the same period.

W. Benjamin Thomas (Ben)
Address: Fremont, CA
Comments: Hi, I was surfing the net and came across this wonderful page. I would like to hear from Betty Ann (Sparky) Harnet, Duff Williamson or Ely Depervien. I would like to hear from any one else from the calss of 52.

Class of '56

Angela Baines Altschuler
E-mail: gdfn42a@Prodigy.com
Address: Ridgewood, N.J.
Comments: Great seeing the Alumni page. Hope more folks sign on so that we can communicate. Thanks to my brother, Richard Howell, class of '68, for pointing this out to me.

Class of '57

Jack (John R.) Sisco
E-mail: Jonran1039@aol.com
Address: Olympia, WA
Comments: Anyone know when, where, will next years reunion be? I have never made any of them and would like to do so next year. If anyone knows who will be coordinating it I would appreciate a name. I live in Olympia, WA with my wife Jean. Have lived in this community for 27 years. Lovely place 55 miles south of Seattle.

Class of '58

Ken Ackerman
E-Mail: nichols@carroll.com
Address: Fair Lawn NJ
Comments: Still living in Fair Lawn and hope to hear from some fellow grads and others I knew.

Class of '59

Kevin Bunin (Mendelson)
Address: Delray Beach, Florida
Comments: I would like to hear from any graduate of Fairlawn High School 1959 High School Class of 1959

Doug Rumaner
Address: Newtown Square, PA
Comments: I have been married to Carol Jamgochian Class of '60 for 35 years and am now retired. I have never heard about any reunions and wuold love to hear from some of the members of the Class of '59.

Class of '60

Carol (Jamgochian) Rumaner
Address: Newtown Square, PA
Comments: I am married to Doug Rumaner Class of '59. We have three kids spread around the US. We are now retired and spend most of our time traveling around the country and the world. We would love to hear from 'old' friends.

Class of '62

Steven Baer
Address: Fair Lawn, NJ
E-mail: sbaer@cybernex.net
Comments: After getting married in 1969 my wife and I lived in West Paterson. Our twin daughters were born in 1973 and at that time we decided to move back to Fair lawn. I am a pharmacist and co-owner of Westfield Drug & Surgical in Westfield, N.J. for the past 17 years. My wife Fern teaches ESL in Midland Park. Looking forward to seeing listing from any other members of the Class of '62.

Class of '64

Jon Drobner
Address: Parsippany, NJ
Comments: I am currently preaching for the Church of Christ in Wharton, NJ. I am married with two children (John, 19 and Becky, 17)

Class of '64

Address: Encino, CA
Comments: I'd love to hear from fellow '64ers

Fred Eisenthal
Address: Thousand Oaks, CA
Comments: Have been back for the 6 month, 5 year, 20 year and 30 year reunions - which were all a blast! Would love to hear from fellow classmates.

Maris Gavzy Rabolini
E-mail: 100116.3000@compuserve.com
Address: Milan and Rome, Italy
Comments: Would like to hear from fellow alumni.

Kathy Gutman Hurst
Address: Tucson, AZ 85749
Comments: Great to hear about Fair Lawn and see there is so much hometown pride. I graduated FLHS Class of '64 but moved west in '76. Would love to hear from old aquaintances.Thanks Jeff and Fred for turning me on to this site!

Class of '65

Michael Dubin
Address: Ponte Verdra Beach, FL
Comments: I would love to hear from other alumni of the class of 1965.

Bill/Jill Kulbe
Address: Fair Lawn N.J.

Address: CLAYTON, CA.

Steven Lopata
Address: Lauderhill, Florida
Comments: My wife Madeline and I have been in South Florida and married for 26 years. We have two sons, Stuart 24 and Matthew 19, and work together at Maddy's Print Shop. Always interested in fellow Fair Lawn alumni. Just started my own web site at
http://safari.net/~stl287. Come on and visit!

Name: Douglas K. "Beau" Morrison
Address: Skokie (Chicago), Illinois

Theresa Pabon
Address: Shady, NY
Comments: Hey, what ever happened to?? Always interested in hearing about classmates beyond the I have_ kids and grandkids.

Name: Joan Bottomley Pearson
Address: Los Altos, Ca.
Comments: I'd love to hear from any fellow alumni.

Liz Powers
E-Mail: Not available
Address: Fair Lawn, New Jersey
Comments: Not online yet but listing here to remind fellow 65'ers to watch for the next newsletter and our upcoming reunion.

Lois Tannenbaum Silverman
E-mail: ltsilver@borg.com
Address:Living outside of Utica, NY
Comments: Husband Michael and children Gail (17) and Susan (19--attending American U in Washington, DC). Presently a free lance desktop publisher and computer consultant; Mac Tech Consultant for Internet provider; National Program/Music Chair of Women's League for Conservative Judaism; editor of the Upstate Apple Users Group, Inc. (UAUG) Newsletter, the NY State Branch Women's League Newsletter, and the Utica, NY Hadassah Newsletter.

Peter Tracy
Address: Estell Manor, NJ
Comments: Enjoyed reading about the "ole home town". Don't get there much. I live almost as far south as you casn go and still be in New Jersey.

Class of '66

Harvey Schwartz
E-mail: harveyas@tiac.net
Address: Ipswich, Massachusetts
Comments: Twenty years in Boston. I'm a lawyer doing civil rights and discrimination cases, never outgrew the 60s. Looking for Chuck Messing and Bob Shapiro.

Class of '68

Tony Fano
Address: West Palm Beach, FL

Robert A Guy
Address: San Diego, CA
Comments: Moved to San Diego to sail year round. I have been practicing Architecture for 24 years and now consult with architects through out the country planning and designing research laboratories. I get back to Fair Lawn often because of family and work.

Andrea (Grossman) Healy
Address: Venice, Florida
Comments; Where is our class??? (At least we're consistent!) I'm a medical transcriptionist, single mom, still loving to live (mostly...). Would love to hear from any who care.

Richard William Howell
E-mail: rwh@indy.net
Address: Indianapolis, IN
Comments: Consultant, computer systems, networks, software development - RDBMS specialty (Oracle). I have lived here in Indiana for the past eighteen years. No family left in Fair Lawn, but some still in Bergen County so I visit a number of times during the year. Hope this page catches on with the advent of wide spread WWW usage. Would love to hear from old friends, acquaintances, girl friends, enemies, etc.

Steven M. Kiel
Address: Fair Lawn, NJ

Glenn Lewis
E-Mail: glenna@pc.jaring.my
Address: Penang, Malaysia
Comments: I'm working as the Residence Supervisor at a Christian boarding school for missionary and business kids here in Penang.

Class of '69

Steven Albert
Address: East Brunswick, NJ
Comments: I married the lovely Brenda Buchweitz, FLHS Class of 1970. Twenty-three years later finds us in central NJ with our three children (see Brenda's listing for details). I am working as an environmental consultant for a national engineering company. I look forward to hearing from other alums.

Lynne (Baller) Cantor
E-mail: paulynpc@ix.netcom.com
Address: Fair Lawn, N.J.
Comments : "Class of 1969...Remember when?"

Harvey Jaffe
Address: Franklin Lakes, NJ
Comments: Married to Sharon Pincus FLHS class of '70. Have 3 children, Matthew 14, Kari 13, Marissa 10

Pat Dwyer (now Taylor)
E-mail: suby@raven.cybercomm.net
Comments: I went to Warren Point Grammar School and Thomas Jefferson JHS. Any one remember when it was called a JHS? My family moved out of Fair Lawn in 1966 to Manahawkin, NJ. I graduated from the local high school here. I had many friends in Fair Lawn but have lost contact with them. Pam O'Connor and Thelma Weintrab were two of my friends. Anyhow, I have been married for almost 25 years and am a Spanish elementary school teacher looking for a teaching or tutoring position. Thanks for the listing- Is anyone out there from the class of 69?

Paul Graman
Address: Rochester, NY

Michael Herman
E-Mail: dearknj@aol.com
Address: Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Comments: Any other class of '69 out there?

Don Ruffilo
E-Mail: tao2tao@galaxy.net
Address: Fair Lawn, NJ

Janet M Smith
Address: Passaic , N.J.

Class of '70

Terry Brandes
Address: Pine Valley, CA
Comments: I am a Bergen Tech grad. not Fair Lawn High. I attended all 3 years at Memorial Jr. H.S. I lived in the Columbia Heights area of Fair Lawn. Parents and relatives still live there. I moved to San Diego area in Oct. 1974 (Ya just can't beat the great weather here) I miss Fair Lawn and you ol' school chums and friends. Larry, BIG Thank you for this page.

Ruth Bryant (Malter)
Address: Fayetteville, NC
Comments: Lived in FL my whole life until 1986, am now raising my five children in N.C. Kelly 18, Katie 16, Frankie 15, Patrick 13, Danny 11...Who'd a thought huh?!

Brenda Buchweitz (Albert)
Address: East Brunswick, NJ
Comments: After marrying a 1969 FLHS graduate (Steven Albert) I lived in the Washington, DC area for 14 years.10 years ago we returned to NJ with our three child- ren: Shira, 20 (a junior at Univ. of Michigan), Rachel, 16 (a high school junior) and Matthew (12). I am a financial consultant. I look forward to meeting many more FLHS alumni here.

Dennis Gottschalk
E-mail: GotchNJ@aol.com
Address: Livingston, NJ
Comments: My mother told me I'd make new friends moving to Fair Lawn in 1955. She was right. Hello friends!

Joe A. Herrmann
Address: Wayne, NJ
Comments: I am married 21 years to Dee Kirsch, of Paterson. We have two children, Jonathan, 18, a freshman at Univ. of Pennsylvania-Wharton School of Business and Rachel, 15, a sophomore at Wayne Valley High. I am CFO, General Manager of The Estee Corporation and Dee teaches music to nursery school children.

David Reichman
Address: Highland Park, N.J.
Comments: I came to Fair Lawn for one reason and one reason alone. That's where I was born. Married 3 kids-Arielle 10-Raphael 8-Gavriel 3.

Linda Quart Tondow
Address: Highland Park, NJ
Comments: Living with my family in Highland Park; two children, Alissa 10 and Nathan 8 -- they're good friends with David Reichman's Arielle and Raphael. Thanks David for the info!

Class of '72

Sandra Dubin (now Gelman)
E-Mail: Nalavia@AOL.com
Address: FairLawn, N.J.
Comments: Hi fellow Alumni...Looks like I'm the first from the class of '72 to register here. I married Jeff Gelman,also a member of the class of '72, in Oct.1980. We just had our 16th anniversary. We have two sons. Josh will be 14 in Dec. and Andrew was 10 in April. Jeff works as an EDP Auditor for Bank Leumi in N.Y.C. I'm a Respiratory Therapist...working in Montclair N.J. for the last 18 years....We are still living in FairLawn. My older son attends T.J. Middle School ( the same school I went to when it was a junior high) my younger son goes to Warren Point School....the same school I attended from 1964-66. I have one brother living in town, Dr. Alan Dubin. He's a chiropractor. My two other brothers Steven and Gary live up in Monsey N.Y. I'd be happy to receive E mail from anyone in my class. We attended the tenth and twentieth reunions and plan on attending the 25th reunion next August..maybe we'll see ya there.

George J Duffy
Address: Georgetown, MA
Comments: Hello everyone, Wendy Woogen and I have been married for the last 20 years and going strong. Have moved around from California to now in Mass. We have four kids, Kara 15, Donna 12, Jordan 5 and Austin 2. Fair Lawn was a very special place to grow up and I look forward to the 25th reunion, we missed the 20th. If anyone has details please forward, thanks. Please E-Mail us at duffy@thecia.net with any news on yourself or Fair Lawn.

Jeff Gelman
E-Mail: answrman@soho.ios.com
Comments: Well, it looks like I'm the SECOND member from the Class of 1972 to register here, as usual, one step behind my wife! See her listing (under Sandra Dubin) and you'll pretty much be caught up on me as well! Hope to hear from you.

Carol Hauser
Address: Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Comments: A recent phone conversation with a fellow classmate, Bob Massarsky led me to this page. I might be the only Fair Lawn alumnus to be in Maine. But if there is another living here, I'd love to connect. Please contact me. Would also like to hear from anyone else from the class.

Vicki Le Vine Love
Address: Lakeland (Memphis) Tennessee
Comments: Getting married again in May! One son, Josh age 11. Four cats! Work at FedEx for 14 years, now in accounting. Will be attending 25 year reunion in August.

Class of '73

Jim Finnigan
Address: Auburn Hills, MI
Comments: I am married and have a daughter named Jennifer. I work as a project engineer for Eaton Corporation. I would like to hear from old friends and classmates.

Marshall Hickey
E-mail: hickmars@pwfl.com
Comments: Bergen Community College '75; Newark College of Engineering '77; Program Manager for United Technologies in West Palm Beach, FL. Would love to hear from others in Class of '73.

Class of '74

Myron Ascher
Comments: Married Allyson Bart (RHS) in 1982. I have 2 boys, Josh (10) and Daniel (7). I am a Regional Human Resources Manager for an insurance company. I live in Longwood, Florida which is a suburb of Orlando.

Howard Gottlieb
E-mail: hrg@ix.netcom.com
Address:Texas, USA
Comments: Married a wonderful Texan named Lisa, have two great sons named Jordan and Daniel. Anyone in Texas or planning on visiting Dallas should E mail me.

Randall Rothenberg
E-mail: randallf@echonyc.com
Comments: I'm the first member of this class, it seems, to log in here. My siblings are Craig Rothenberg '76, Stuart Rothenberg '78 and Debra Rothenberg '80.

Class of '75

Joseph Behrman
Address: Pittsford, NY (suburb of Rochester)
E-mail: behrman@prodigy.com
Comments: My wife, Jeni, and I, are both dentists, in practice together in Macedon, NY, which is outside of Rochester. We have two wonderful children; Matthew is seven and Jonathan is four.

Name: Brian Frisch
Address: Fair Lawn, NJ
Comments: Some of us don't go too far....I'm still in Fair Lawn, married to our classmate Ann Moskowitz and have great girls, ages 13 and 9. It is odd going to Back to School nite for your kids in TJ (where I attended) and meeting her 7th grade math teacher, Mr. Sam Dipalma who I had when I went to school there! Still see a few of our classmates around town, Brue Kaminer, Stu Herrmann, etc. Where are all the rest of the 675 graduating class? If you're ever around town, e-mail me so maybe we can catch up again. Best of luck to everyone!

Larry Goldberg
E-Mail: BGoldb6875@aol.com
Address: Oyster Bay Cove, N.Y.
Comments: Great time at the 20th reunion. Lets hear from U guys from "75"

Gordon E. Hogard
E-mail: gordon10@ix.netcom.com
Address: West Friendship, Maryland

Lou King
Address: Frederick, MD
Comments: I married a wonderful woman early this year. She has two girls, and I have a boy of my own. See
http://www.access.digex.net/~lking for more information.

Jack S. Massarsky
Address: Centerville, Ma
Comments: My wife Lorraine and I enjoyed the 20th reunion. We live in Cape Cod, Mass and I am a dentist. We have two handsome boys, Justin (4), and Devin (1). Any '75 alumni can reach us at massarsk@capecod.net - hope to hear from you!

Janine (Guy) Miller
E-mail: janinetx@flashnet.com
Address: Texas, USA
Comments: I've lived in Austin since 1976 and love this city. I am director of finance and administration for Office Pavilion, a division of Herman MIller, Inc. This has been my career for the last 13 years. I have earned the status of "naturalized Texan" - I guess marrying a "native" helped. My husband, Don is a commercial real estate agent in this area. Anyone needing information on investment property can look up his Web page at http://www.flash.net/texandon~. Hope to hear from some other '75 grads.

Lynn Giamongo O'Donnell
Address: Connecticut
Comments: I am still around, in Fairfield County, CT with my husband John and 2 children, Emily 12, and Christopher, 4 1/2. I work as a cytotechnologist in a nearby hospital and would love to hear from some alumni.

Beverly R. Porway
Address: Wayne, NJ
Comments: Came across this site and saw Larry Goldberg's comments re: the 20th reunion and had to agree!! Great time had by all...hope the fourwinds blow everyone safely home.

Class of '76

Dave Banta
E-mail: cabanta@mca.com (please send attention Dave Banta)
Address: Los Angeles, CA
Comments: Recording Engineer/producer for major label recording artist. Worked with Sting, Ice Tea, Bette Midler, Coolio, Marky Mark etc...

Mark Eisler
Address: Paramus, NJ

Mark Gorman
Address: Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Dona Hite
E-Mail: merlin@warwick.net
Address: West Milford, NJ
Comments: Interested in hearing from old friends !

Ken Stern
Address: Ridgewood, NJ

Class of '77

Fred Richter
Address: Beachwood, NJ
Comments: Hello everyone...haven't seen anyone from the class of "77" yet. Where is everybody?...alan lessner, mark raymond, justine hermanns, alexis drevis, ray d'bridgeda, danny layden, jose vincente, where are you guys from football and track? When is our twenty year reunion? Somebody e-mail me. See ya fellow alumni! By the way this site is great it got my attention and bookmark thanks!

Class of '78

Jill Forer Goldenberg
E-Mail: jfg@philabs.research.philips
Address: New Rochelle, NY
Comments: I am married and have three wonderful children (1 boy and 2 girls). I've been working part-time as a research consultant for Philips Electronics since the children were born. I'd love to hear from lost friends!

Cheryl Feldman Grossel
Address: Fair Lawn, NJ
Comments: I'm married have 2 girls,Lauren and Hailey. For the past 13 years I've been a special education teacher working with Autisic teenagers. I'd love to hear from old friends! Drop me a line, let me know what's happening in your life!

Alan Lash
E-Mail: abl@morgan.com
Address: Fair Lawn, NJ
Comments: As with most of my friends, I moved back and am now raising my family in Fair Lawn.

Scott Radcliffe
Address: Mexico
Comments: Still have not located Harry Collis

Barry Shafer
Address: Cary, NC
Comments: I have been married for ten years, with two great children. After living in Kingston, NY for five years, I transferred down to Cary, NC in 1987. I have been working for IBM for fifteen years already. I am also a very active Red Cross volunteer. I do everything from assisting with disaster relief, first aid, and maintaining our Chapter's web site (which I created) at http://www.redcross.org/triangle/. I graduated with a BA in Computer Science from Rutgers University in 1982 and completed my MS in Computer Science from Syracuse University in 1990.

Class of '79

Gary Dubin
E-Mail: gdubin@aol.com
Address: Monsey, NY
Comments: After graduating Rutgers (in ’83) I attended the Aish HaTorah College of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, Israel where I received Rabbinical ordination in 1989. My wife, Aliza and I have 3 boys (so far). I've worked in the field of Jewish education in Israel (we were there during the Gulf War), and Los Angeles (during the riots, wildfires, and the Northridge earthquake). We're currently enjoying a semi-quiet existence in Monsey, NY where we live and I work as Program Director of the Jerusalem Fellowships. We bring Jewish college students and young professionals to Israel for 3 and 4 week winter/summer programs. Our Executive Director, Rabbi Andy Kaufman is also from Fair Lawn (Class of '76) so naturally we have some great scholarships for Fair Lawn residents. See my sister Sandy’s entry in Class of ’72 for the whereabouts of the rest of my siblings. I'd love to hear from old friends.

Alan Gerard
Address: Tampa, Fl
Comments: I Graduated in 79' (somehow) and for a lack of anything better to do, I enlisted in the Air Force. After travelling the world (Langley VA., Las Vegas NV.) I went to work for the Defense Intelligence Agency where I worked for several years until my cerebrum came back to life. I left the government job, went back to school and now (since 86') I've been an engineer for a major computer company out of Houston and live in Tampa Fl. Hope to here from some old friends... Seeeeeeee Yaaa

Ed Guy
E-mail: guye@dbisna.com or webmaster@dbisna.com
Comments: Georgetown University, BSBA '83; Polytechnic University, MS-DISE '96; Webmaster, Dun & Bradstreet Information Services. Hello to anyone else who is connected! I will be getting married on Sept. 7, 1996 to Christine Trembicki, Web Editor, Dun & Bradstreet. Drop me a line. :-)

Fred W. Holzsager
E-Mail: fred.holzsager@internetmci.com
Address: Fair Lawn, NJ
Comments: Like others before me, I have returned to Fair Lawn as a resident. I am married with two boys. Currently finishing my M.S. in Telecommunications at Pace University in NYC. My brother, Gary (class of '65) resides in Fort Lauderdale, FL and my sister, Kathi (Class of '69) married her class president from FLHS, Jeffrey Packard. They have three children and also returned to Fair Lawn as residents. I look forward to hearing from acquaintances that wish to correspond. Peace.

Neil Ross
E-mail: Nross@Sprint.com
Address: Deerfield Beach,FL
Comments: Barely graduated HS, Grad College Jersey City State '83. Married in 83, Divorced in 94, BUT! GETTING REMARRIED Feb 97!!! Currently working in the Transportation Industry, Import Export, Customs Clearance. Still playing Trumpet!! Drop me a line and say Hello!! Haven't been in Fair Lawn in over 10 yrs!

Name: Steven Weissman
E-Mail: samchuck@aol.com
Address: Tampa, Florida
Comments: I live in Tampa, Florida after migrating south through Atlanta, Philadelphia and New York City. I am married with two girls and work as a physician in private practice. I look forward to hearing from other alumni.

Class of '80

Steven Weisz
Address: New York, New York
Comments: hmm...I was just surfing and I felt compelled to check and see if FLHS had joined the 20th Century (21st Century?). Anyway, I live and work in NYC and would be interested to hear from any other fellow graduates.E-Mail me and tell me how FLHS has influenced your life.

Class of '81

Stephen Cingale
E-Mail: vapor@ultracom.net
Address: Mahwah, NJ
Comments: Looking for anyone from the class of 1981. Where are you? What are you doing? Family?

Dave Eelman
Address: Ft.Gordon (Augusta),GA
Comments: It's been awhile, but I'm back on line,this time from wonderful Ft. Gordon,GA. I'm coming up on the 11-year mark in the Army and am going for 20. I'd like to hear from anyone from the '81 class, especially those who hung out around the band room.

Lisa Gitkin (now Lisa Cirenza)
Address: Watchung, NJ
Comments: Hi, As I prepare to move to London with four little children and a terrific husband, I think about all the friends we leave behind in life as we make these crazy moves. Isn't it great to have this monster of the 90's called the net to help us "get back in touch" or stay in touch .........

Stefanie Gordon
Address: Sacramento, CA
Sponsorship: Yes
Comments: Class of 1982 was a great one! It's been a some time, but I still have fond memories of Fair Lawn. I lived on Ellis Avenue, not too far from the H.S. It's the best high school in the world!

Gary Molenaar
E-Mail: Gemmole@aol.com
Address: Garwood, NJ
Comments: Recently moved back to NJ from Fort Worth, Texas (where the West begins). Everyone sure does talk funny around here, but it is nice to be home.

Sid Rubenstein
Address: Belmont, MA
Comments: Hi friends! I am married (Susan) and have two wonderful children, Shayna, age 2 1/2 and Simon age 1. I am instructor in surgery at Harvard Medical School and practice adult urology.

Class of '82

Address: West Palm Beach, FL
Comments: Left the cold of New Jersey and moved south for the warmer weather. I am an attorney practicing in Palm Beach, Florida, where I live with my wife, Toni and my son, Drew Dalton.

Class of '83

Ron Lotterman
Address: Prospect Park, N.J.
Comments: Fair Lawn Borough Recycling Coordinator and President of the Fair Lawn Volunteer Ambulance Corps., Inc. I also have a home page.

Jack E. Molenaar
E-mail: JMOLEPLAN@aol.com
Address: Fanwood, NJ
Comments: Hello Fair Lawnians! I'm presently employed as a transportation planner for Somerset County Planning Board.

Michael Rosenberg
Address: Fair Lawn, NJ
Comments: Hi all. I am still living in Fair Lawn. I am still on the Rescue Squad.

Class of '84

Elisabeth Ann Prince (Cornwell)
E-mail: eac9@columbia.edu
Address: Fair Lawn, N.J.
Comments: Hello to my fellow 1984 FLHS graduates! I presently work in NYC at Columbia University--if anyone's ever in the area, send me an e-mail (eac9@columbia.edu), and we'll meet for lunch!

Class of '85

Carolyn Banta
E-mail: cabanta@mca.com
Address: Los Angeles, CA
Comments: Computer Help desk at MCA/Universal Studios.

Lori Ehrlich
E-Mail: lorisue@soho.ios.com
Address: Rochelle Park, NJ

Julie Friedman
Address: ?
Comments: Hi,I have been visiting NJ this past week and heard about this web site from some high school friends. Would love to hear from anyone out there that I have lost contact with over the past 10 years! Hope you are all doing well!

Bryan Gildenberg
E-Mail: bryan.gildenberg@fmr.com
Address: Wellsley, MA
Comments: Hey everyone! When I filled this out I was the only one on here not living on the beach...anyway, I've been in Boston for about 8 years, have finished grad school and now work for Fidelity Investments. Still in touch with some FL folks, so if you want more info, or are in the neighborhood, drop me a line!

Matthew Gitkin
Address: Los Angeles County, California
Comments: Hello all!! I am here in sunny California (how are those Fair Lawn winters?). I am a university instructor at Cal State Long Beach, and live a mere 5 minutes from the beach (jealous yet?). I have also been working in the entertainment industry for the past dozen or so years (am I really that old?). I hope all is well with you all; and if you're ever in the area... we'll do lunch...

Debbie Shapiro
Address: Kirkland WA
Comments: Well I'm out in Washington state now. Haven't talked to anyone from HS in ages. Just moved out here and I'm doing software consulting now. Would be cool to hear from some old friends... :-)

Lori Stodolak
E-mail: klstrike@exit109.com
Address: Tom's River, NJ
Comments: Hello to everyone from Fair Lawn class of "85. (And anyone else who knew me from other classes). Yes I am still "Down the Shore" & loving every minute of it. I hope all is well with everyone & if any old friends would like to get back in touch with me you could e-mail me at the address below. I have kept in touch with a few other people from FLHS & we all E-mail each other. ByE ;) *LoRi

Michele Weitz
Address: Nutley, NJ
Comments: Hi everyone! I've been working at Hoffmann-La Roche for past 7 1/2 years, and I'll be starting new position next month as International Clinical Auditor. It's nice to see the handful of familiar names! Since I'm basically still in the area, I've been bumping into various and sundry Fair Lawners over the years. I hate to be redundant, but I'd love to hear from anyone who wants to get back in touch!

Jeff Welsh
Address: Fair Lawn NJ
Comments: So Happy with Fair Lawn, I never left! Face it, we're not getting any younger.

Class of '86

Name: Bob Gajarsky
Address: Hoboken, NJ
Comments: Working in midtown NYC doing documentation/PC support for Bank of Tokyo/Mitsubishi. In spare time, I'm the editor of the oldest collaborative online music reviews publication,
Consumable Online. Luckily, my fiance' Shannon is understanding of it all.

John Legere
Address: Manchester, CT

Glen Markowitz
E-Mail: Glenmarko@aol.com
Address: Hartsdale, NY

Ian Morris
Address: Kirkland WA
Comments: My wife Lisa and I are currently living in Kirkland WA. I am a Lead Product Manager for the Microsoft Network (www.msn.com), and Lisa is the Director of First Steps, an Educational Playcenter in Issaquah WA which she founded this July.

Eric Mulkowsky
Comments: Hi everybody! I'm currently finishing up my MBA at Stanford and look forward to hearing from everyone!

Dan Stern
Address: Marina del Rey, CA

Gary Weissman
Address: Milwaukee, WI
Comments: I presently am acquiring a PhD in the Modern Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Hi all.

Joe Weissman
Address: Bethesda, MD
Comments: My wife and I live in Bethesda, Maryland. I work as an attorney in downtown Washington, D.C. I look forward to hearing from fellow Class of '86 alumni.

Class of '87

David S. Butler
Address: South Berwick, ME
Comments: Hello everyone. I found this site 0n 1/23/97 It's amazing how few of us from 87 are here compared to 96 I've been in the Navy and have been to several countries. Interested in talking about them or anything, write to me. See you in July!

Meredith Cheney
Address: New York, NY
Comments: Hi old friends. I just moved back from living in Chicago after graduating from The University of Michigan. Now I am getting my MBA in finance and accounting at Fordham University. I would love to hear from fellow Fair Lawn alumni. Hope everyone is doing well.

Alex Firestein
Address: King of Prussia, PA
Comments: Currently living and working in Pennsylvania as a computer programmer for IBM. I'm back in New Jersey on the weekends, and eventually would like to move back permanently.
(Alex has a homepage at http://home.sprynet.com/sprynet/afirestein/homepage.htm - ed.)

Tara Garfinkle
Address: Manhattan, NYC
Comments: I came across this site purely by accident, but i am glad i did. I currently live in the city and would love to hear from other graduates of the class of 87- either in this area or elsewhere.

Blayne London
Address: Passaic, NJ
Comments: Hi everyone, well I'm back in NJ after a 6yr stint in Buffalo, and glad to be back. I'd be very happy to talk to anyone from FLHS. I am an RN at Moutainside Hospital in Montclair. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming reunion next year. please write!

Janet Meyer
E-mail: Janet1996@aol.com
Comments: After graduating from the University of Maryland, I lived in Virginia and Myrtle Beach, SC. I currently live in Hawthorne, NJ and have been working for AT&T Wireless Services for the last three years. I am looking forward to seeing the Class of '87 at our reunion next October.

Lisa B. Rochman
E-Mail: lrochman@KPMG.com
Address: Mahwah, NJ
Comments: Hi, everyone! Found this one day and thought I'd drop a message in. Working as a Training Specialist for KPMG Peat Marwick LLP in Montvale and living in Mahwah. See you all at the reunion!

Class of '88

Leslie Abramsky Block
E-mail: lblock@esi-intl.com
Address: Chevy Chase, MD
Comments: I am a lawyer working in legal publishing and living with my husband right outside Washington, D.C. I look forward to hearing from fellow alumni!

Natalie Gerber
E-mail: ngerber@uclink4.berkeley.edu
Address:Berkeley, California

Aron Goldman
E-mail: aronscott@msn.com
Address: North Miami Beach, Florida
Comments: Kind of ironic to see such progress from the town that seems locked in a time warp. Anyway, I graduated from the Univ. of Maryland in '93, moved down here, and now own a computer exporting company in Miami. It would be nice to hear from people who I grew up with.

Andrew Mills
Address: Pt. Pleasant, NJ
Comments: I have recently started working as a photographer for the Newark-based Star Ledger. Prior to that, I worked as a photographer for the Neptune-based Asbury Park Press. Although I graduated from Glassboro State College with several Fair Lawn alumni, I have not heard, seen or been in contact with anyone in years. My family has since relocated to Manasquan, NJ, where I still am active in the borough's beach patrol.

Bonnie Ricca
E-mail: bricca@knowmed.com
Address: El Sobrante, CA
Comments: I'm a software engineer. My partner and I just bought a house north of Berkeley with a view of San Francisco Bay. I'd love to hear what's up with everyone else.

Class of '89

Biren Patel
Address: Somerset, NJ
Comments: Now, lookie here!

Michael Smith
E-mail: msmith@cocis.com
Address:Denver, Co.
Comments: I am a FLHS graduate class of 89. Great Web Site, it lets me see a bit of what I used to call home. If anyone from class of 89 is on the Net drop me an e-mail. Once again great site. Denver, CO USA

Class of '90

Christine O'Donnell
E-mail: odonnell@yu1.yu.edu
Address: New York, NY
Comments: I am finishing up my third and final year at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and am hoping to pursue a career in media law.

Joseph Smotkin
E-Mail: doc22@hotmail.com
Address: Fair Lawn, NJ
Comments: What's up!!!....from St. Maarten, N.A. What is the class of 1990 up to these days? You know guys our reunion is coming up in a few years already.

Class of '91

Rebecca Aig
Address: Fair Lawn, NJ
Comments: I am living at home after graduating from The University at Stony Brook's Physical Therapy program. I work in Sports Medicine. I also played Division I soccer for 3 years there.

Eva Katz
E-Mail: evak@garnet.berkeley.edu
Address: Berkeley, CA
Comments: It looks like I am the first alumni from the class of 91 to post a message. I am STILL in school, working towards a masters degree in Public Health Nutrition at Berkeley. If anyone else is in the Bay area, look me up.

Dan Post
Address: Washington DC
Comments: Hello, I just wanted to say Hi to eveyone from the class of 91 and anyone else I know. I live and work in Washington DC with the Dept of Defense at the Pentagon. I would love to hear from you.

Name: Gary Silberstein
E-Mail: garyevan@webtv.net
Address: Fair Lawn, NJ
Comments: I am currently working at NBC in New York City as an NBC Page. I graduated from WPC in January with a B.A. in Communications. If anyone reads this and would like to contact me, it would be nice to hear from you.

Elizabeth Sweetman
Address: Fair Lawn, NJ

Class of '92

Michael Davina
Address: Fair Lawn, NJ

Name: Leonard Edelstein
E-Mail: edelstlc@umdnj.edu
Address: Piscataway, NJ

Michael Rosen
Address: Bloomington, Indiana

Class of '93

Jennifer Rash
Address: Fair Lawn, NJ
Comments: I am looking for anyone from the class of 93 or 94. I love finding old friends on here and often use the member directory but if anyone has a different provider you aren't on there. If you see this and know who I am feel free to write me anytime. Take care! Jenn

Class of '94

Todd Ehrlich
E-Mail: ehrlict1@nevada.edu
Address: Las Vegas, NV
Comments: After graduating FLHS, I attended Bergen Comm. college for two years. I am currently attending the University Of Nevada Las Vegas. E-mail me if I know you.

Name: Kathryn Reilly
Address: Fair Lawn, NJ

Class of '95

David Appel
E-Mail: dappel@wnec.edu
Address: Springfield,Mass
Comments: Fair Lawn on the net, what else will they think of. Any other class of 95' people out there drop me a line.

Chuck Cuneo
E-mail: chuckc@frontier.wilpaterson.edu
Address: Fair Lawn
Comments: What's New? E-mail me and let me hear from you.

Allie Eliscu
E-Mail: eliscua@idol.union.edu
Address: Schenectady, NY
Comments: I can't believe our little town is on the WEB!!! I would love to get mail and see what's new with fellow Fair Lawnians.

Jonathan Greenman
Address: Saratoga Springs, NY
Comments: Hi everyone. Just wanted to see how everyone is doing....send me e-mail if you get the chance.

Chuck Leone
E-Mail: kwzr@maristb.marist.edu
Address: Marist College, Poughkeepsie,NY
Comments: Hey, How's it going all!!! This page is great drop me a line!!! GO CUTTERS!!

Aaron Levinson
E-Mail: aslevins@student.umass.edu
Address: Umass (Amherst) Massachusetts
Comments: What's everybody up to? E-mail me and let me know!!

Jeffrey Nass
Address: Bethlehem, PA
Comments; Let's try to stay in touch...friendship is FOREVER! FLHS rules!

Julie Nussman
Address: Ithaca, NY
Comments: I love to get mail. I can't believe there's a Fair Lawn web site!!!

Lenore S. Roimisher
Address: Fair Lawn, NJ
Comments: Greetings everyone. I am currently a student at Ramapo and a member of the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority.

Dave Sandoval
Address: Ithaca, NY
Comments: Hey there, everyone...email me your favorite Oca story.

Class of '96

Shari R. Barkin
E-Mail: barkin2@tcnj.edu
Address: Trenton, NJ
Comments: Although I love The College of NJ (formerly Trenton State), I miss you all! Drop me a note sometime!

Ron Bishow
Address: Univ. of Hartford, CT

Jillian B. Cantor
E-mail: jbcantor@wam.umd.edu
Address: University of Maryland, College Park
Comments: As the most recent grads of Fair Lawn High, I would like to say that I miss all of you and I hope to hear from you soon

Rob Franzmann
E-mail: franz@frontier.wilpaterson.edu
Comments: If you got some time, send me some e-mail!

Jordan Klein
E-Mail: j-klein3@nwu.edu
Address: Evanston, IL
Comments: Hey guys, drop me a line.

Nicholas I. C. Krutchkoff
E-mail: nickk@frontier.wilpaterson.edu
Address: Fair Lawn
Comments: Fulltime student at William Paterson College of NJ.

Boaz Laor
E-Mail: bxl0652@megahertz.njit.edu
Address: Fair Lawn, NJ
Comments: I looked forward to getting out of fair lawn high. And now that i'm out I'm really happy I love college
http://megahertz.njit.edu/~bxl0652 is my website.

Shira Markoff
Address: New Brunswick

Neil Michael
E-Mail: MichaelN@alpha.montclair.edu
Address: Montclair State University

Steven Miller
E-Mail: Steven.Miller@Yale.Edu
Address: Yale University
Comments: Hi Fair Lawnites! Although I have lots of work to do, e-mail is always welcome! From anyone, about anything, I just like excuses for not doing all my papers!

Elvira Pinkhas
Address: Poughkeepsie, NY

Heather Sable
E-Mail: sable@cooper.edu
Address: New York, NY
Comments: I miss my fellow classmates, dude! Send me some email!

Sue Schultz

Debbie Shnaidman
Address: Fort Lee, NJ

Keith Wallach
E-mail: WallachK@JOKER.LSC.VSC.EDU
Address: Lyndon State College
Comments: I graduated in 1996. I would like to hear from anyone who either knows me or has graduated in the same year as me. This would be to say hi, reminisce, and catch up on whatever.

Mike White
Address: Williamsburg, Virginia

Adi Zukerman
E-mail: zukerman+@andrew.cmu.edu
Address: Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA for Industrial Management.


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