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Hi welcome to Kindertainment's Sinternet. You will find the following things here:

Sinterklaas is a big dutch tradition in Holland and Belgium. We would like to tell you a little bit about the phenomenon. I hope you like our little tour through Sint's world, here in Kindertainment's Clubhouse.

The first part of this site will tell you about Sinterklaas: the history and the funny facts.

In our second part the Sint and Santa have a meeting of how to do things in the future and how to work together. Sinterklaas will show Santa some of the techniques he is using over here in Europe.

If you would like to get in touch, mail us . We will keep you informed of the opening of more English parts in our website.

Sinternet's Index:

Part one: The History
-What is Sinterklaas
-A Sinterklaas Song

Part two: The Future:
- Sint and Santa are having a meeting.
- The house of Sint and Piet (Sint's little helper).
- Sint at work in his office.
- The Piets at work and mail the Sint.
- Sending presents in 1996

Talk to or about the Sint with other kids and sometimes even the Sint himself in:
- Sint's chatbox

Other Sint site (Dutch ones) :
- Sint Links

You can also download some cool drawings on:
- The Sinterklaas Drawing page

The moving around Piets

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Updated: November 2nd 1996
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