Sinterklaas Here is the story of Sinterklaas for all you kids that don't now who he is and what he does.

Sinterklaas was born in the year 364 and is still alive today. he lives in Madrid, he travels to Holland every year by boat?

Who is he?

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicolas) was born in Myra in Western Turkey. The story of this saint did not end with his dead and burial. He became a guardian of merchants, sailors and children. This explains why the celebration of his birthday is mainly a children's event.

Sintfoto Sinterklaas looks like an old, wise man with long white hair and dito beard. He is dressed like an ancient bishop and has a golden (shepard) staff in his hand. He also carries a large leatherbound book with gold print in which is written which children have been good and which haven't.

Each year, Saint Nicholas arrives by steamer in a Dutch little port and this event is broadcasted live on television. The saint himself speaks fluently Dutch, but his servants, the so-called 'zwarte pieten', usually speak with a strong accent. The 'zwarte pieten' are real children's friends, who are always handing out peppernuts and other sweets to children.

At night, Saint Nicholas makes tours on the roofs of the houses on his white horse. He drops presents in the chimneys, which fall right into the shoes of nice children. The children have placed their shoes close to the fire, often filled with straw or carrots for the saint's horse. They sing a few songs before going to sleep, because they know that He likes singing children more than anything.

On the evening of the saint's birthday -5 December- a basket or bag full of presents is placed in front of the frontdoor. A zwarte piet knocks at the door, and the children run to their presents. Sometimes Saint Nicholas has time to hand out the presents in person.

You may wonder if there is any connection between the Dutch Sinterklaas and the American Santa Claus. Well, there is. Santa Claus is simply an adaption of Sinterklaas. On the way to America he has traded his horse for a reindeer and made some changes in his appearance.

Now go back and look at the sint of the future (We think that Santa Claus also is going to be using these technics)

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Updated: November 2nd 1996
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