Our Friends at the Patent Office

Though the SEC received most of the attention in the fight to liberate key government databases (the New York Times called it the "world's most valuable financial database"), in some ways the Patent database is even more valuable. Our Patent system is one of intellectual property: you file a patent, people see that you filed a patent, and they give you money to use that patent.

A Patent database is the very fuel that keeps the intellectual property system going. It is mind-boggling that the Patent office can't see that simple fact.

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  • New Databases Available in 1994 (12/21/93)
      From: "Carl Malamud" <>
  • Meeting with PTO (08/02/94)
  • (12/30/94)
      From: (Brian Kissel)
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      From: rcalhoun@MIT.EDU
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      From: (Brian Kissel)
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      From: ssu!fda! (D.L. Jewett)
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      From: Mario Blanco <>
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      From: FTCWatch <>
  • Patent text removal. (01/05/95)
      From: "JAMES B. FLANAGAN (919) 541-6417" <JAMESF%LOUIE@RCC.RTI.ORG>
  • Compliments (09/19/95)
      From: (Miriano Ravazzolo)
  • Liquid Microprocessor (09/19/95)
      From: (Niilo Kaartinen)
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      From: (gene boden)
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      From: (karen steele)
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      From: (Nick Datyner)
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      From: (Kenneth Nichols)
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      From: (gary polson)
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      From: (Deborah A. Summa)
  • Communications patents (09/28/95)
      From: (Dr. Dan Raphaeli)
  • Thank You (09/28/95)
      From: (Robert Block)
  • range of patents (09/29/95)
      From: (Steve Becker)
  • patent index (09/30/95)
      From: (Jerry Larson)
  • Full Text Patent Search on the Internet (10/01/95)
  • Patent files (10/01/95)
      From: (David S. Breed, Ph.D.)
  • I am sorry to see that the patents were only temporary. (10/03/95)
      From: "Attorney Steven D. Yates" <>
  • (no subject) (10/06/95)
      From: "Dr. Trevor J. Hutley" <>
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      From: Bob Lyness <>
  • Sorry to see you go (10/12/95)
      From: (David Caplan)
  • Too bad about the patent service (10/22/95)
      From: Leland Palmer <>
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