Mizukoshi Shot Fiery Mountain
Takeshi Mizukoshi@ Mt.Fuji/Winter 1996
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>>The View from Mt. Kitadake in Japan's Southern Alps<<
"I shot this from Mt. Kitadake in Japan's Southern Alps, the second highest mountain in Japan.
Illuminated only by moonlight, I took this photo using a long exposure time. The short lines at a slant in the middle are the paths of stars.
Mt. Fuji is mysterious. It looks high even viewed from far away, and it looks even higher viewed from the air. I heard that a site on the Internet offers different views from various directions. Probably, Mt. Fuji is the only mountain where doing this is fun. I can understand why the site was launched.

clickable illustration of Mt.Fuji--Potted Fuji--
[The Crater] [Near the Top] [Close View Near the Top] [The Yoshida Osawa Valley]
[South West of the Tree Line] [North East of the Tree Line]
[The Climbers' Half-Way Point] [The View from Mt. Kitadake in Japan's Southern Alps]