Mizukoshi Shot Fiery Mountain
Takeshi Mizukoshi@Mt.Fuji/Winter 1996
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>>Near the Top<<
"This photo was also taken from the airplane. We can see snow that has not melted in the valley. Mt. Fuji is a young volcano, so the valleys are not steep.
The Osawa area is probably the only exception and has steep valleys. Strong seasonal winds blow from west in the winter, so snow collects in the deep valleys in this area."

clickable illustration of Mt.Fuji--Potted Fuji--
[The Crater] [Near the Top] [Close View Near the Top] [The Yoshida Osawa Valley]
[South West of the Tree Line] [North East of the Tree Line]
[The Climbers' Half-Way Point] [The View from Mt. Kitadake in Japan's Southern Alps]