Mizukoshi Shot Fiery Mountain
Takeshi Mizukoshi@Mt.Fuji/Winter 1996
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>>The Crater<<
"Mt. Fuji has a beautiful shape, called konide in volcano terminology. However, it is only when we see the crater that we realize that Mt. Fuji once erupted. I wanted to show this, so I photographed it from an airplane.
I shot it from 6,000m and had to charter a large Cessna to do so, as an ordinary Cessna can only fly as high as just above the mountain's peak.
It was very cold. I wore climbing clothes and was equipped as if I were climbing the mountain in winter, because I needed to open the window to take good shots."

clickable illustration of Mt.Fuji--Potted Fuji--
[The Crater] [Near the Top] [Close View Near the Top] [The Yoshida Osawa Valley]
[South West of the Tree Line] [North East of the Tree Line]
[The Climbers' Half-Way Point] [The View from Mt. Kitadake in Japan's Southern Alps]