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  • Gini Schmitz - Of Over the Rainbow Graphics. Gini has one of the largest and most beautiful collections of backgrounds on the internet. Several appear through out this site. The Peace on Earth graphic is also her work, and may be spread throughout your lands.

  • John Ganymedes Piper - Of Millennium Art Gallery. He is creator of "Soulmates" and "Birth of an Island" featured on the Journal Page.

  • Horace Vallas - Originator of the Online Bonsai Icon Collection. "Horace's Black Olive" is featured on the bio pages of many of the writers.

  • Terry Gould's Graphics - For the castle in the fairy tale and some of the backgrounds.

  • David Elliott - From the famous Land of the Squishy. He does the beautiful computer generated art that accompanies some of the poetry.

  • Chris Stephens - Of Buttons, Cubes & Bars. Some, but not all of the bars and balls are his.

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