Penne J. Laubenthal, Ph.D.

Penne is chair of the English Department at Athens State College in Athens, Alabama. She is active in coordinating campus, educational and enrichment opportunities, for students and the community. These include everything from Jungian Dream Workshops, to collecting books for children, to organizing writing conferences, Blues Festivals and Fiddlers Conventions. She is campus sponsor and active member of Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society.

In addition to literature courses, she teaches "Conflict Management", "Literature, The Healing Art", and "Myth, Ritual, and Culture." She is a renowned expert in Jungian mythology and the use of literature in healing. Her academic offerings span the bridge of literature, creative writing techniques and professional therapeutic training.

She is an active member of NAPT, National Association of Poetry Therapy. She is available to conduct workshops and training seminars on topics such as "Writing Ourselves Whole", "Conscious Aging". "Reconnecting with our Sacred Selves", "The Body-Mind Connection", and "The Chakras, Stepping Stones to Higher Consciousness".

She is certified Reiki I, studied shamanism under Michael Harner, and practiced yoga for fifteen years.

Her poetry:
Mid-Life Crisis

Her other writing includes:

"A Humanist Looks at the Mind-Body Connection"
Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia, November `94.

In a Coin Operated Laundry in Clearwater, Florida

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