The Human/Nature Series

John Ganymedes Piper creates art for the soul. He examines humanities delicate relationship with Nature as symbols of balance in the Universe. He suggests that there is a role for each human being on Earth.

Piper melds the human form with nature to express the connection all things have to one another. He shows the viewer a world of unity not separatism. In his images the elements of the universe do not collide randomly but instead each element is connected and dependent on the others evolving to continue creation in the universe. In his art work, Piper delicately balances humanity and nature while thrusting ruff with smooth, and fire with water. He creates peace through eruption, igniting the soul!

The Human/Nature Series began in 1990 with John's first bronze sculpture, Metamorphosis. It clearly began a study of melding and transformation of humanity and nature. In the piece where does the rose begin and the man end? Is the man becoming the rose,the quintessential symbol of love and beauty in nature, or is the rose transforming into a human being? While looking at this piece the viewer wonders, is this a fragmentation or a synthesis, have these elements always been connected and could the ever be separate?

The Human/Nature Series continues with several bronze sculptures and large oil paintings on the same theme. In "Phoenix" the artist creates an explosion through the power of the human soul rising above the ashes. A new consciousness breaking through barriers. Piper's ability to create movement in nature on a two dimensional surface if astonishing. The viewer is captured by the circular winds of the stormy sky and then lifted upward through the propulsion of the flames. Creating yet another synthesis of the viewer and the art piece.

The current project in this series is a large bronze sculpture titled "Unity". With this piece Piper plans to extends his theme from the "Phoenix" painting, again the subject is spiraling upward with wings of fire. The body melding with the fire, melding with it's own souls evolution. However, in this piece there two figures placed back to back. With this piece the artist hopes to symbolize Unity for humanity in the next Millennium.

While John Piper is committed to creating beauty, his most important goal in art and life is to touch the Souls of others with the beauty and love of the universe.

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