Reaching out
for Peace on Earth

This is a section of special meaning to me. I grew up in the deep South of the US during the Civil Rights movement. I have seen more pain and hate than I hope for my children ever to see in their entire lives. Changes can, and have been made.
Alabama, is now an historic site in the Civil Rights movement. Changes and understanding come when people get to know each other. This page is a message of peace, a call to reach out beyond what you regard as familiar and accept that there are other ways of life, and other types of people.
It is a call for tolerance and understanding that we are all members of the human race. Regina Garson, Editor

  • Shir Ha Shalom

    In Hebrew (Shir=Sing Ha=The Shalom=Peace). Mr. Yitzhak Rabin gave his Life for PEACE. This is the song he sang with thousands in the square a short time before he left us. This is the song for peace and mutual understanding. Perhaps we have some kind of obligation so sing together with them, because so many people work for genuine peace.
    Michael Holmboe Meyer

  • From Rhymester's Peace Page

    "We can not ignore the past in the attempt to maintain peace. We must remember the past and learn from it; that is its highest value. Should we ignore or forget it, we truly are doomed to repeat it."
    E. Fay Dyer-Austin

  • Violence is forever...

    It festers in the soul like a cancer passing to the spirit of one's children and grandchildren. Long after nations have settled their differences, and peace proclaimed, memories live in the heart and soul. Peace to the individual spirit is much harder won than that for any nation.

  • Children of War - By Michael Holmboe Meyer:

  • Trauma Treatment Manual - By Dr. Edward L. Schmookler.

    Originally written for people working in the field with survivors of rape in Bosnia This manual reprinted with many thanks to Dr. Schmookler, can be used as a guide for helping anyone individual or family member who has survived any kind of trauma. His contribution to peace is this resource for peace of the spirit.

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    Contains Updated Web Resources and Activities for Children
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