Birth of an Island

Magic Stream

The Magic Stream Journal contains original poetry, essays, articles and short story focused on personal growth and the universal in human emotion. This Special Edition, compiled for the Internet 1996 World Exposition, features writing from past and present editions of the Magic Stream Journal. As always, Magic Stream is dedicated to all those travelers who share in the one journey that can never be made alone.
Regina Garson, Editor


Alan Gullette
Stability Can Be Achieved

David Oates
On food... - Haiku moments.

David Hunter Sutherland
Psalm 151

Heather Garson

J. Mathrusse
Little Wagons

Mark Phillips
Barber Shop Singing

Norma Holt
Closeness of the Spiritual

Penne J. Laubenthal, PhD.
Mid-life Crisis

sine nomine
a stupid depression poem


Samuel Saks
A Time to Rejoice

Self-help: Articles and Essay

Ari Cohn
The Eating Rebel

Buz Overbeck and Joanie Overbeck.
Helping a Friend or Neighbor Cope With Loss

Maureen Mueller
I'm Maureen and...

Michael Holmboe Meyer
Little things make life meaningful

Mikeal L. Best
Hope for Life

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Dedicated to all those travelers
who share in the one journey
that can never be made alone.

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