Mikeal L. Best

Mikeal is thirty seven years old, male and has fought with mental illness since he was six years old. It was not until age thirty three that he was clinically diagnosed as having a mental illness.

He did not finish high school, however, did get a G.E.D. in 1983. He managed to start college to study law enforcement and psychology. Due to the illness only managed to complete six quarters. He still maintained a 3.75 G.P.A..

He is now working his way through a rehab program leading to becoming gainfully employeed again. He suffers from schizoaffective disorder.

About his writing - he says, "My main reason for writing was in hopes that it would provide inspiration to others whether they suffer from mental illness or a life threatening disease."

He is an inspiration to many with his message of hope and courage.
Thank you Mikeal

Hope for Life
Email: Mikeal L. Best db40448@navix.net

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