In the Felix Meritis theatre in the week before christmas,
from December the 20th till the 24th, 1996
a late night show has taken place. A multi media music-theatre show
in which actors, singers, dancers, musicians, media artists
and others were invited to give their contribution around
the theme of the show, time and emotion during christmas.

With songs, dialogues, readings, music and other audio, video
and other imagery, every night an hour was compiled, which
was different every night dependant on which guest were present.

-- The feeling of time is influenced by different emotions,
it can stretch or shrink, becomes more or less important,
can be dependent on it's location, either by distance or surroundings --
The show tried to make it's own reflection of time, or "timecapsule",
each night, with various media.

Not only live present on stage but also via the internet and ISDN
videoconferencing artists were able to participate live to the show.
The timelaps between locations played it's own part in this perspective.
The CU-SeeMe reflector of the Amsterdam Internet World Fair
played an important part in this event.
Artists from around the world
were invited to show their ideas via sound and vision and be present
in the show at all times. And the show itself was "netcasted" through this
reflector around the world. The Amsterdam Cable TV network -Salto- has cablecasted
the the whole event live in coproduction with "HoeksteenLIVE!"
so it was mirrored to an entire different audience.

Artists and guests / Clocks / Time related sayings

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