Here are all the people who made this first Timeshow possible

  • Bart Oomen, Amsterdam.
  • Loes Greiner, Amsterdam.
  • Philip Bussman & Ariana Smart, New York, USA.
  • "SFeQ", Amsterdam.
  • Ingejan Lighthart Schenk, Amsterdam.
  • Marc Nukoop, Amsterdam.
  • Mauzz, Enschede.
  • Raul Marroquin, Amsterdam.
  • Sarah van Lamsweerde, Amsterdam.
  • Pauline Kalker, Amsterdam.
  • Sarí Antikainen, Amsterdam.
  • Susanne Marx, Amsterdam.
  • "Eyegasm", Gabriel Kousbroek &Guido Mengels, Amsterdam.
  • Guido Vriesinga, Amsterdam.
  • Roëll E.Kerkhout, Amsterdam.
  • Gabriela Rodrigues Pereira, Amsterdam.
  • Guests

    And every day we had our special guests appearing

  • David Garcia, Amsterdam.
  • Josie Sykes, Amsterdam.
  • "Ungungstraum", Daniel Wetzel, Giessen, Germany.
  • SoundpostSoundpostString Quartet, Amsterdam.
  • Marcus Wessendorf
  • Mathias de Koning
  • Herman Helle, Rotterdam.

  • Clocks / Time related sayings / About the show

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