"Expositions are timekeepers of progress"
-President William McKinley-
Sept. 5, 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY
The following day during a reception at the exposition,
anarchist Leon Czolgosz, shot the president;
McKinley died on Sept. 14, 1901.


"I congratulate Chicago and its guests and wish the exposition unbounded
success--success as a show but more success in helping to bring about
a binding friendship among the nations of the earth."

-Franklin D. Roosevelt-
1933 Chicago World's Fair
Excerpt "message to the fair"


"Just as world's fairs in earlier days popularized the electric light, the telephone,
and other technologies that dramatically reshaped our lives, this Exposition
will help people everywhere to realize the promise of the future."

-Bill Clinton-
1996 Internet World Exposition, March 28, 1995
Excerpt From the fair's Letters of Support

1893 World's Columbian Exposition
1933 Chicago World's Fair
1939 New York Worlds Fair
1996 Internet World Exposition
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~ Welcome to the wwwVOice Feedback Pavilion ~

Every worlds fair ever held has provoked feedback. Comments and opinions
are why things change. This pavilion is a showplace for voices, voices not
just from yesterdays World's Fairs, but from the times of the expositions.
It is in essence a historic view of World's Fairs,
defined by the words that were said.


1893 World's Columbian Exposition
The largest of the sections. This page features opinions,
images and facts from the fair in Chicago.

1933 Chicago World's Fair
Strange days at the Century of Progress Fair.
With Germany's withdrawal from the League
of Nations, to Sally Rand's fan dancing.

1939 New York Worlds Fair
What did people say about the World of Tomorrow?
A World's Fair during a World War.

1996 Internet World Exposition
Just what are people saying today? Views from visitors
at wwwVOice and the 1996 Fair's Guestbook


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Your are invited to vote on current issues
And submit your own questions
The results of which will be available on the
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1996 Internet world expo Pavilion

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