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        1939 New York World's Fair 

    Now slowly, very slowly, the famous New
    York Skyline comes through the mist. At first
    it looks like one of those scenes in stenciled
    cardboard fashionable in the London theater
    just after the war. Here I have the same
    experience as Mr. Bergeret's little dog,
    Riquet: 'As I approach an object I grow less'.
    Soon the spectacle becomes overwhelmingly
    grand: I am now no size at all.
    James Agate, My American Journey, 1938

    "The greatest display of all was New York
    City Itself, with its 7,454,995 inhabitants."

    One of Mayor La Guardia's opening remarks.

    The long wait for the President was a bit hard
    on Commissioner Valentine's valiants. With
    nothing to eat since 6 A.M. A 200-pounder
    in the line keeping fairgoers out of a closed
    area, stared at a little boy wandering by" if he
    wasn't with his old man,"
    he said to a fellow
    policeman " I'd hijack his apple on a stick"

    A thing like a Fair. Go to one at night, and
    stand a little way off from it, in a dark place,
    under dark trees. You'll see a big wheel made
    of lights, turning in the air, and a long stair
    shoots down into water, a band playing
    somewhere, and a smell of peanuts, and
    everything will twinkle. It will all just hang out
    there in the night, like a colored balloon, like
    a big yellow lantern on a pole.

    - F Scott Fitzgerald -

Newspaper clipping
    Perisphere & Trylon
    "So the visitor who wants to get the most out of this
    World’s Fair will do best to regard it not as a show
    of things but as a collection of hints and let his
    imagination off the leash of discretion for a bit."

    - H. G. Wells, excerpt "World of Tomorrow" -
    - New York Times, March 5, 1939 -

1939 New York World's Fair
"The World of Tomorrow"
May 1, 1939-1940
Cost $155 million
Adult admission - 75 cents
Under 12 admission - 25 cents
57 million Visitors
1,216 acres
- Features -
Sally Rand's Fan Dancing
The Parachute Jump
Amusement Zone

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Newspaper clip from the New York Times Monday, May 1, 1939.
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