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          "The humanitarian direction of the Internet 1996 World
                 Exposition has great significance. I hope that it
                          will help to bring people closer together,
                                facilitate their mutual understanding,
                                    and deepen their knowledge of each
                                         other and of their environment."
                                                  -Boris Yeltsin-
                                                 November 1, 1995
                                               Excerpt From the fair's
                                             Letters of Support
         Image at the fair's entrance              Read an article in Time
                                                    Magazine (March 11 1996)
                                                    and couldn't beleive it
                                                    was possible.
                                                    I came,I saw, I beleive!
         I knew something was                       -June 2, 1996-
              going on around here                   Fair Guestbook
                  but I never took the           
                    time to really
                  experience it.                 Do you
                 Now I have                            think an
             and I must say                     increase
            Too Cool!                                  in
             I'll be back.                     bandwidth
              Greetings from                           will change
               The Netherlands.                      the
                -Friday, May 3, 1996-                 industries
                 Fair Guestbook                 that are
                                                       on and/or
                                                 off the
            Are corporate sites                     Internet?
            the biggest waste of                -Fri May 3, 1996-
            time on the web?!?                           Visitor at
            -Thur June 20, 1996-                      wwwVOice
            Visitor at wwwVOice

                   Question: 7/30/96 - 8/14/96
                     Are software companies upgrading to often?
                      53 said: Yes.
                     27 said: No.
                    37 said: I need new software at least every 10 minutes.
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             Though I miss the tired feet, stomach full of junk food
             and sensory overload of a real world's fair, the virtual
             equivalent has a lot of possibilities. Very good idea.
             Thursday, May 23, 1996 Fair Guestbook

                    I came yesterday,
                   and have I come
                 back today again              This event
               There are so many                makes Internet
              places to visit!                   more and more
            The world is really                   realistic! I will
           small now!                               enjoy this
          FRIENDS FOREVER                            amazing Expo
         Friday, May 31, 1996                        as my
         Fair Guestbook                           private
                                                thank you !
                                                Friday, January 12, 1996
                                                Fair Guestbook

1996 Internet world expo Pavilion
1996 Internet World Exposition
"A World's Fair For the Information Age"
January 1, 1996 - December 31, 1996
location - cyberspace
cost - undetermined
($100 million to date)
adult admission free
total visitors - undetermined
(about two million a day)
total pages - "growing"
- Features -
(a small selection of many)
Global Schoolhouse Pavilion
Art Pavilion
Regions of the World
The Internet Railroad

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