Little Wagons

Sometimes when I linger
old pictures blurred in the light
pedal back to the days
when it was just a game
a time of dust and dirt
thirsty tree roots rippling sidewalks
only to be conquered
by our little wagons

It was all in there waiting
a world within its walls
I lived a thousand lifetimes
ruled over magical kingdoms
crossing over and back at will
the mighty weight of knowledge
tempered and tamed
by our little wagons

With each new summer day
another road trip to plan
city streets country roads
looking for fun but really
hoping to get the feeling again
treasures to be discovered
all brought back to camp
by our little wagons

The more that we learn
so easy to lose the feel
how to live without bounds
play the game, read a story, walk the path
and feel the magic around us
Sometimes I want to linger
capture all that my arms will hold
bring it back, all of it
in our little wagons

Jim Mathrusse