Welcome to the Brain Opera web site!

This is the text-based version of the site. You can also try out the high-bandwidth version if you wish. The high-bandwidth version contains tables, images, and Java applets, but has been designed to be basically readable by as many browsers as possible.

The "Brain Opera" is an experiment in large-scale artistic collaboration, and YOU (we hope!) will become part of our creative team.

Our entire site has many separate pages. If you have a slow connection you may want to view it as one long page. (Warning: this may take a few minutes depending what part of the world you are in; it's currently 103K in length) Or you can access the same information, page by page, by following the links below:

A Message from our Artistic Director and Composer:

The Brain Opera will premiere at the Lincoln Center Summer Festival in New York, from July 23 to August 3. Shows will occur hourly from 1pm to 8pm, each day. Information on how to get tickets will soon appear here. Between now and our Lincoln Center debut, we will be constantly adding new activities to this Web Site, enabling you to:

We are attempting a lot of things in this project that are pretty new - at least WE are still figuring out how to do them - and that's part of the excitement of the "Brain Opera." A group of about 50 of us - musicians, designers, visual artists, hackers, inventors, etc. - are working on the project here at the MIT Media Lab.

We are building an artistic experience that we hope turns out to be a lot more than the sum of our individual contributions. We'd really like you to join us in contributing to the "Brain Opera" from now until Summer 1996, and then beyond to the millenium. Let's discover how friends and strangers, near and far, online and face-to-face, can make surprisingly beautiful music together!

Tod Machover

MIT Media Lab