At Lincoln Center, as at other performance venues, the Brain Opera will occupy three physical spaces and, a wide range of Internet activities will be available to audiences around the world allowing them to observe, contribute and participate.

1. Interactive Display Space: THE PLAZA

A large interactive display, responsive to crowd presence and movement, placed outside to reflect On-Site and Internet BRAIN OPERA activities.

2. Experience Space

A maze of interactive music/image experiences (among them are: forest , rhythm tree , harmonic driving , gesture wall and melody easel ) which can be explored at will, as connections between the various activities - seemingly fragmentary, complex, and been overwhelming at first - will gradually become apparent to the visitor.

3. Performance Space

The final performance space, where all individual audience contributions will be woven into a single, coherent, and exciting 45-minute multimedia performance.

In addition to visiting three physical spaces of the Brain Opera, YOU can be part of the experience through the use of the internet in three ways.

1. Observe

It will be possible to see and hear the Brain Opera activity, including specially scheduled "performances," via the Internet

2. Contribute

Internet users can send personal texts, sounds, music and images to be incorporated into the Brain Opera performances.

3. Participate

Special software will allow Internet users to influence and modify Brain Opera performances spontaneously.