"The developing brain is like a forest within which many different creatures grow, in conflict and in harmony"

The Mind Forest has fifteen hooded "trees" for people to speak and sing into, each unique (try them all!) and offering a private experience to one person at a time. In the Singing Trees, wearing headphones to ensure maximum sound isolation, the individual sings a single note. The computer rewards a well-held, perfectly calm note with a beautiful aura, promoting a mood of concentration and meditation; a less-well-held note creates a more "agitated" musical response. In the Speaking Trees, audience members enter into conversation with Marvin Minsky and record personal memories and opinions, as well as thoughts about music and the mind. Each tree can record the audience member's voice, which is automatically edited, selected and processed, and then incorporated into each Brain Opera Performance.

Pictures you can download: [Forest Art] [Computer rendition of the Mind Forest] [Architectural design for individual tree units] [Architectural sketch of the individual tree units] [Earlier artistic design for the Forest of Speaking and Singing Trees]

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