The Rhythm Tree is a sculpture with more than 300 networked drum pads mounted on seven giant, circular pods which stretch throughout the Mind Forest. Each individual pad is hand-molded in translucent rubber, and equipped with a special microprocessor and LED display. There is enough intelligence on each pad to allow variation in touch - from the slightest tap to the most powerful pounding - to produce a wide array of sonic results, all controllable with familiarity and skill. Each pad is also connected to many others, like branches on a tree (or synapses in the brain). As the player strikes them, different signals are sent ricocheting through the connected circuits, creating an ever-changing variety of sounds and images.

Pictures you can download: [Rhythm Tree Art] [Computer rendition of Rhythm Tree] [An earlier architectural design for the Rhythm Tree] [An earlier artistic design for the Rhythm Tree]

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