There are many, many varieties of Kimchi that differ from region to region, home to home. Regional variation mainly comes from the difference in the amount of chili powder they apply and the kind of fish juice they use.

White Kimchi, Bossam Kimchi, and Dongchimi(radich liquid Kimchi) are famous among the many Kimchies of the colder northern regions. Hot Kimchi is characteristic in the Cholla (Southwestern) Province and salty in the Kyongsang (Southeastern).

Shrimp, yellow corvenia, and anchovy are the most popular kinds of fish juice. Fish juice is another kind of pickled food, made by fermenting fish in salt. Shrimp and yellow corvenia juice are common in the middle and northern parts of Korea, anchovy and cutlass fish are in the southern part.

Kimchies made throughout Korea are Chinese Cabbage Kimchi, Ggagduki, Young Radish Kimchi, and Nabak Kimchi, although the amount of seasoning applied differs from place to place.

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