Cucumber Sobagi

The word Sobagi means "stuffed with seasoning." Cucumber Sobagi is among the popular kimchies from spring to summer. The lumpy fruit and cool liquid give us a fresh flavor. Make only what you need, because it goes sour in relatively short time compared to other kimchies. No fish juice is added either for the same reason.

Materials(makes for four) and Precooking

10 cucumbers
4 spoons salt
1/2 binding leek
2 sheaths scallion
2 bulbs garlic
1 chunk ginger
5 spoons ground red chili
a small amount of salt
1 teaspoon sugar
cucumber scrub with salt and cut into 5cm cylinders. Make slits deep into one ends in the shape of a cross. Soak in salted water for 30 minutes.
leek clean and wash. Cut into 1cm (1/2 inch) pieces.
scallion, garlic and ginger clean and wash. Mince.
  1. Some of the materials and most of the wares actually needed are not included in the materials list, assuming they are readily available in any home.
  2. Metric values are approximated into pounds and inches, as they are not absolutes.

  1. Seasoning; Mix the pieces of leek, minced garlic, ginger, ground red chili, salt and sugar. Knead together gently.
  2. Wrap the salted pieces of cucumber with a piece of gauze to squeeze out water. Stuff the seasoning in the slits, and pile neatly in a pot.
  3. Add salt to water to taste a little flat to make the sauce and pour in the pot. It takes only 1 day for it to ferment in summer. It is a good idea to ferment it in the chiller and keep it there until you have used up all of it.

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