Canoe Pavilion
Canoes in Fog - Lake Superior
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Welcome to the Canoe Pavilion. We are constructing a pavilion to celebrate the canoe, a symbol of wilderness and adventure, long associated with the identity of Canada. Its legacy is intrinsically tied with the history and early economic development of this vast nation. It is the vehicle of our first information highway, the lakes and waterways. This pavilion is intended to be a living document and resource about canoes and canoeing for the information age.

In the tradition of our aboriginal peoples, the early voyageurs and explorers, the romance of the canoe is still vibrant amoung our modern-day voyageurs.

We invite our contemporary voyageurs to participate in our Grand Challenge. The objective of the Grand Challenge is to populate maps of the lakes and waterways of Canada with images, video clips, audio clips, stories and antedotes of where anyone has been via canoe. All submissions are welcome!

We invite all Canadians and the World to be a partner with us in ensuring that we construct a successful and representative Canoe Pavilion.

Upcoming Events

CANEXUS II: The Canoe in Canadian Cultures
Canadian Canoe Museum Unveiling
Peterborough Heritage Canoe Festival

Beyond the Banks - An American River Management Society Symposium

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