CANEXUS II: The Canoe in Canadian Cultures

presented by
Trent University
Canadian Canoe Museum
May 10th Through 12th 1996


Canexus II is a three day, multi-disciplinary conference exploring the place of the canoe in the development of Canada's diverse cultures. Speakers will discuss the role of the craft in the cultures of both ``old'' and ``new'' Canadians, redefining traditional Canadian notions of the craft in global context.

The conference will explore such themes as: the canoe in art, writing, and the media; the canoe as a popular or spiritual symbol for English, French, Aboriginal and other cultures; and the canoe as a simple but sophisticated tool with global origins. The conference will be presented as a series of plenary sessions including audio-visual presentations, and special guest lectures. The proceedings will be published by the Frost Centre.

An Event Not to be Missed

The conference coincides with an event of momentous import for the preservation of Canadian heritage. On Saturday afternoon, May 11th, the Canadian Canoe Museum will unveil its world class collection of over 500 craft at the Grand Opening Reception of the Museum in its new conservation facilities. For the first time in the history of the collection (formerly the Kanawa International Museum) all the craft are in one place for viewing and conservation.

To commemorate the event the museum is staging a symbolic Canoe Trek in a Montreal Canoe from St. Marie Amoung the Hurons to Peterborough following Champlain's route of 1615. Arriving at Little Lake on Saturday afternoon, it will join a flotilla of canoes to cross the lake and finish the voyage with a parade of boats portaging six blocks to the Museum.

The conference is also being co-ordinated with the annual Peterborough Heritage Canoe Festival. Located at the Peterborough liftlock on the Trent Severn Waterway, the Festival features three days of illustrated talks and practical demonstrations.

Finally, on Saturday evening after the grand opening, Harper Collins Publishing will host a national launch of author and educator Jim Raffan's new book Fires in the Bones on the life of the late Bill Mason. This is a tremendously important work on a man whose passion for the craft inspired a unique Canadian artistic and wildernes tradition that profoundly affects each of us.

Venez au Rendezvous!

After the book launch on Saturday evening, the conference will host a banquet to make the Voyageur proud. Join us for a night of French Canadian dancing to wonderful live music. These banquets are becoming a highlight and hallmark of the Frost Centre's very successful conference programme, and this one (to be held in the Great Hall of Champlain College, of course!) will be no exception.

Who Will Participate?

CANEXUS II will be of interest to a national audience drawn from academia, government, museums, cultural and heritage organizations and the general public with an interest in the canoe and Canada's watercraft heritage.

Conference Committee

John Marsh, Trent University
Brent Hodgins, Trent University
John Jennings, Trent University
Erik Hanson, Conference Coordinator

For more information:

Erik R. Hanson
Conference Coordinator
The Frost Centre for Canadian Heritage and Development Studies
Trent University
Peterborough, ON K9H 7B8

voice: (705) 876-8433
fax: (705) 748-1801

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