Rajah Lakandola
( -1575)

One of the most illustrious ancient Filipinos. Chief of Tondo, when Legazpi came to Manila in 1571. He became a Christian and took the name of Carlos, after the king of Spain. He made the blood compact with Goiti. He fought alongside the Spaniards against the Chinese pirate, Limahong. Died in 1575.

Rajah Soliman
( -1571)

The last rajah of Manila, noted for his daring and bravery. Nephew of Rajah Lakandola. Of all of the early rulers of Manila, he was feared most by the Spaniards. He was killed on June 3, 1571, in the Battle of Bangkusay.

Leonor Rivera

Cousin and fiancee of Jose Rizal. She was the Maria Clara in Rizal's Noli Me Tangere.

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