Marcela Mariņo Agoncillo

Maker of the first Philippine flag. Born in Taal, Batangas, on June 24, 1859. Married to Felipe Agoncillo. She labored to make the Filipino flag in Hong Kong with the help of Delfina Herbosa de Natividad, a niece of Rizal. Died on May 30, 1946 in Taal, Batangas.

Galicano Apacible

One of the founders of La Solidaridad.

Jose Ma. Panganiban

Avenger of Filipino honor. Born in Mambulao, Camarines Norte, on February 1, 1863. A good friend and co-worker of Rizal. He was Bicolandia's greatest contribution to the historic campaign for reforms, more popularly called the Propaganda Movement. He wrote articles for La Solidaridad, under the pen names Jomapa and J.M.P. Died in Barcelona, Spain, on August 19, 1890.

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