Artemio Ricarte

The unconquerable hero of the revolution. Born in Batac, Ilocos Norte, on October 20, 1866. Known as Viborra, he was a gentle public school teacher who became a dashing revolutionary general. Died in the jungles of Sierra Madre on July 31, 1945.

Isabelo delos Reyes

Last of the propagandists. Gifted son of Leona Florentino, first poetess of the Philippines. Born in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, on July 7, 1864. He aroused the hostility of the friars and government officials when he openly criticized the evils of the Spanish rule and he advocated reforms. He was the founder of the first Philippine labor union, as well as the first independent Filipino Catholic church. Died on October 9, 1938.

Jose Palma

Poet and soldier. Born in Tondo, Manila, on June 3, 1876. Younger brother of Dr. Rafael Palma. He was a staff member of La Independencia. He wrote Filipinas, a patriotic poem in Spanish, which became the lyrics of the Philippine National Anthem. Died in Manila, on February 12, 1903.

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