Handcrafted by Becknell and Lucas Ctrl-Z

Ctrl-Z is Becknell and Lucas' musical alter-ego.

A one half hour music program featuring music you don't often hear on the radio; especially dub, trance, and techno. Plus a big squishy dollop of retro tossed on as a sort of audio condiment. Yes, we play Ctrl-Z... we like it. Until some philanthropically minded record company decides to pay us to make a CD its the only place you can hear Ctrl-Z.

With UNFORMATTED you've always got access to a groovey beat no matter where you're computer is plugged in. As one of our listeners told us in a note, its perfect for "coding to the beat", especially for those times you really want an alternative to, well, alternative.

The Ballad of Ned Ludd

A listener directed techno-folk opera available only via the Internet. Based upon E.P. Thompson's The making of the English working class", we incorporate a wide range of music and numerous musicians--traditional, techno, and rock and roll-- to tell the story of the Luddites and their struggle to maintain their way of life in the face of the social, economic, and technological upheavals of the industrial revolution, in many cases drawing upon historical texts. Are there lessons to be drawn from their experience? Of course there are.

Geek of the Week

Ctrl-Z provided the theme and incidental music for this groundbreaking program, hosted by Carl Malamud and produced by Marty Lucas.


We supplied the music, sound effects and other audio for this tremendously popular holiday site. Those clever and talented folks at enviromedia used the same audio and gave it a whole new meaning!


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Ctrl-Z, our musical alter-ego
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