Welcome to Korea.
How much do you know about Korea?

Have you ever been interested in Korea, her people and her culture? Im sure that if you start to know about Korea, you will find yourself in great pleasure.

[About Korea] [Climate]
We will find about the area and location, capital, population, GNP, flag, national flower, Korean, and holidays about Korea. Korea has 4 seasons. Here we will get to know about the weather and climate of the country.
[History] [Education]
2333 B.C. Dankun found Korea and ever since Korea has had a history of 5 thousand years. Let's find about the history of Korea. Let's find about the education system and Korea's passion for learning.
[Economy] [Politics]
Having been an agricultural country, Korea has developed drastically. We will find out how Korea has managed to develop so fast. Korea has changed much to become a democratic country as it is now. Find out about Korean politics toward reunification.