Mesmerized Jowa the seal worked for Ocean Pacific Cafe as a waiter for one month before he got fired. He was quite popular because he could hop a ball with his nose at the same time he brought out the dishes. One day the cafe manager had a morning off and Jowa was told to open the Cafe at nine. Jowa arrived early and just everything was ready, Jowa saw something he had never seen in his whole life -- a caterpillar. He stood still and watched the caterpillar crawling on a table... He watched it for so long until the manager woke him up.

Many people in the city just work to death (Read: don't work for The Elegant Graphics Company in Hong Kong). A single tiny thing can capture your attention forever just because you are too tired of paying attention to the monotonous work you are doing.

©Victor Wong. February 1996
Tools used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Painter.

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