Thanks for visiting my homepage! My Chinese name is Wong Sai Hung (Click here for my picture). I come from Hong Kong, now studying in Canada. I am the youngest in the family and I have three brothers and five sisters.The happiest thing about a big family is that every Chinese New Year I receive quite a few red pockets.

I graduated from University of Waterloo (Computer Science & Information System) now studying computer graphics at Seneca College of Communication Arts in North York, Ontario. I found the courses I had to take in U of Waterloo both physical and mentally torturing, so I made up my mind not to be a programmer after I graduated. After losing many nights of sleep and most of my hair, finally I decided to study computer graphics because it is computer related and most important of all, drawing and designing is what I like.

My favorite sport is sitting in front of a computer and, oh forget it... I like to watch movies (Alien trilogies are my favorites) and listen to pop music (my favorite Chinese singer is Sandy Lam, and English, Enya and Cocteau Twins). Playing Nintendo games has always been a great entertainment to me, but after staring at a monitor for over five hours a day I now find the TV screen less attractive than before.

Did I tell you I have a little tank of goldfish? Under the great care provided by me, they are the happiest fish in the whole world! (Just kidding, they are very bored and never smile. I should make them happier...)

My favorite Artists Here are some of the artists whose works made me scream. Their works have undeniably influenced how I perceive and draw.

Edward Hopper | M.C. Escher | Christopher Phatt

I want to be a freelance computer graphics artist in the future. It gives you more freedom and I quite enjoy working alone. However, freelance artist normally works on smaller projects and the amount of satisfaction may not be comparable to what you get from working in a movie-making or computer game company. I am still working on my portfolio and hope it will be finished before all my brain juice dries up.

Everyone is eager to put his homepage in the internet (of course that includes me), you might be interested in visiting some of my friends' homepages too! They are quite cool, I would say. Here are their URLs:

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* you may not find them funny. ;)

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I hope you enjoyed visiting my homepage, but if you found something that hurt your eyes and want an improvement or you just simply want to send me a kind & non-embarrassing suggestion, please send me an email !!

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