Desperate Bank if Betty knew there was a customer crawling on the floor, she would stay open a minute longer.

Many people complained that this picture was morbid and they didn't understand its meaning. Ok..

Hong Kong is famous for its tourism industry but also famous for impoliteness and bad customer services. Government services are the worst and most receptionists treat you like something dug up from the sewers. You need their services and they like to play little games like closing the counters several minutes earlier and saying the clock on the wall is inaccurate. I never forget those horrible services and I think it's a shame. But the worst experience I ever had was when I needed some services from a bank in Toronto. (Wait. Canadians are very nice people, but there are exceptional cases =) I had no idea what I did wrong and I felt like I had to crawl on the floor to make her happy.

But there are also some implicit meanings in this picture.

Just like a pot of plant likes to be put near the window, people like to be closer to the nature but inside a building, how far can you go?

I'd rather not tell you all of them... may be you can come up with better interpretations.

©Victor Wong.January 1997.
Story by Victor Wong. Edited by John Hendron
Tools used: Illustrator, Photoshop

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