Nice to meet you.

Special people in my life

R. Aquino (IRC has its advantages)
P. Chan (We should start a talk show)
P. Chung + Momo (The ultimate pair. Thanks for the CU tour)
J. Hendron (an excellent, imaginative art critic =)
J. Hill (You are my first teacher to make me proud of myself)
E. Koniger (There's something I want to tell you)
T. Lam & D. Lu (Let's dine in King Teen Restaurant)
M. Ng (Thanks for loving my "Fish" and nothing else)
J. Padilla (Don't cry in a coffee shop)
A. Pang (Don't double click on every folder, especially the one with the name "confidential")
R. Tang (I love Physics. Repeat one million times)
M. C. Yu (We should use a studio to record the jokes)
E. Yuen (The person who witnessed the evolution of big eye cartoon)

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