These finely composed oil paintings with many layers of glazing give a depth and luminosity of colour which invites the viewer to many hours of discovery into the spacial and inner environment.

The Banquet part 1.

The first of 8 paintings based on the octave with two inserts (representing the entry of the spiritual search.) occuring at the intervals between 3,4 and 7,8.

Part 1. is the storyteller with Dante' and Beatrice at the head of the table of festive activities.

81.5" x 54.5"... $12,000

Afternoon tea with one Raja.

The two figures seated on an octagonal bed representing matrimony and self reflection in the opposite. On two seperate canvasses joined as one.

129" x 54.5" ...$16,000

Diana Dean has had thirty years experience as an artist with numerous exhibitions in England and Canada with collectors in both countries.(See Canadian Who's Who).She received a Diploma in Art & Education,Distinction in sculpture, from the Bath Academy of Art,Corsham England.




Jacob the New Age Man.

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