General Information

Entrance: Our main entrance is
Hours: 24 hours. Closed Chinese New Year.
Admission Fee: Musée Psyché maintains a policy of free admission to all its exhibitions. The director's sponsorship covers all expenses to maintain and update the exhibitions and the museum facilities.
Activities: Current exhibitions, theatre plays, concerts, gallery talks, and lectures will be listed in the monthly calendar, available for free at the Museum Shop.
Accessibility: All exhibitions and facilities in the museum are accessible by disabled visitors. However, your computer must be equipped with accessibility support features in order to maximize the convenience.
For more information about accessibility support for human machine interfaces, please try the follownig sites: If any of the visitors have any concerns about our museum design regarding accessibility, please send a mail to
Lost and Found: See Lobby security supervisor or send a mail to
Downloading: Downloading is encouraged. The resources at Musée Psyché may be reproduced, stored in retrieval systems, or transmitted, without the prior permissions of the copyright owners for non-business purposes only.
Smoking: No smoking except in designated areas.
Plays: Interactive play is performed at 404 Theatre. Visitors may enter and leave the theatre at any time.
Concerts: Hi-Fi music is played at MPEG Audio Theatre. Visitors may enter and leave the theatre at any time.
Acquiring Policy Musée Psyché accepts submission of art works provided that such works can be digitized and the copyright owners agree with Musée Psyché's policy of free distribution of art works. To submit your art works, please use the submission form at our Mail Us facility. Due to the limited real estate (disk space), we cannot promise that all of your works will be exhibited. Once it is decided to be exhibited, however, how it is presented at Musée Psyché will be planned in collaboration with you.
InterNexus Program: InterNexus is an inter-linking program of web sites. The detail of the program is being worked out. To register your site with InterNexus, please use the registration form at our Mail Us facility.
Please note: Certain works of art may not be on view at all times. Musée Psyché regrets any inconvenience to our visitors.

Technical Information

Browser: Musée Psyché is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 2.0 or later. The features specific to the browser we extensively use include frames, JavaScript and client-side image maps.
Clickable Map: See Image Map.
Image Map: Every image map in Musée Psyché is a client-side image map compliant to the Netscape Navigator 2.0 extension of HTML. The images may appear not to be clickable if they are viewed by other browsers.
MPEG Audio: MPEG Audio is one of the compression formats for high quality audio.
More information on MPEG Audio and MPEG Audio decoders are available at MPEG Audio Test Page.
RealAudio: RealAudio is one of the compression formats and transmission protocols for real-time audio on the Internet.
RealAudio files at Musée Psyché have to be downloaded first and then played back by the RealAudio decoder (player), as RealAudio server is not available for us at the moment.
Also, please note that these RealAudio files are in 28.8kbps format, which means that they are not decodable by the RealAudio decoder 1.0. Please use the RealAudio decoder 2.0 or later.
More information on RealAudio and the RealAudio decoders are available at the following site:
RealAudio is here

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