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People and philosophy

Directors of Siskos Group

The Board of Directors of Siskos Group

The SISKOS GROUP considers the human being to be the most important factor in the production process and has therefore consciously and conscientiously made effort to create a conductive working environment that motivates employees to raise productivity and increase the competitiveness of the product, both within the country and in the international arena.

The group also recognises that in parallel with a conducive working environment, there is the need to protect the natural environment which is the "womb of humanity".

The commitment of the people within the SISKOS GROUP translates into strong relationships with associates within the country and overseas, based on love, respect an mutual appreciation. The SISKOS GROUP and its associates share common interests which facilitate harmonious, bilateral co-operation, resulting in increased prosperity for all. It is said among the people working with the marble industry that whoever worked with SISKOS GROUP has succeeded. That is our greatest joy and satisfaction.

Siskos Group philosophy

The philosophy of the SISKOS GROUP, in dealings with its associates, is based on sincerity, honesty and mutual trust, leading to creative co-operation, an the achievement of their respective goals.To the SISKOS GROUP, mutual trust is a prerequisite for productive and beneficial bilateral co-operation and it is the company's belief that relationships of trust are only built with a lot of effort. On the contrary such relationships can be very easily destroyed from minor but badly intended acts.