Geek of the Week

The Internet Multicasting Service started as a radio station. Actually, we started as a radio program: Geek of the Week. That was soon supplemented with National Press Club Luncheons, put on the net by the then state-the-art technique of bringing a tape recorder up to the ballroom, then running the tape back down to our "studio" and transforming it into an unedited audio file.

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  • Petition "Signature" (09/07/92)
      From: "Geoff Thompson" <>
  • ANSI Online Petition (09/14/92)
      From: "Anthony C. Canike, Accu-Weather, 814-237-0309x255" <>
  • Re: standards sought (09/15/92)
      From: Edward Vielmetti <>
  • FYI: ANSI Press Release (10/05/92)
      From: carl (Carl Malamud)
  • Geek of the Week (11/21/92)
      From: carl (Carl Malamud)
  • Nerd of the week (12/04/92)
      From: brd@Eng.Sun.COM (Bill Danielson)
  • Geek of the Week (12/10/92)
      From: carl (Carl Malamud)
  • Re: Geek of the Week (12/11/92)
      From: (Tim O'Reilly)
  • Re: "Ads" for Sun (12/15/92)
      From: geoffb@Eng.Sun.COM (Geoffrey Baehr)
  • Progress on Geek of the Week (01/25/93)
      From: Bob.Hinden@Eng.Sun.COM (Bob Hinden)
  • Geek text (01/29/93)
      From: Geoffrey.Baehr@Eng.Sun.COM (Geoffrey Baehr)
  • Hi (02/24/93)
      From: Geoffrey.Baehr@Eng.Sun.COM (Geoffrey Baehr)
  • RT-FM, GREAT idea! (04/12/94)
      From: Kauto Huopio <>
  • Details/Directions Please !!! (04/12/94)
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