Dropwort Kimchi

When spring turns in, people would look for something fresh other than the winter kimchi they have been eating every day during the long winter. The kimchi made with fresh dropwort will fragrant their dining table with the refreshing scent of spring.

Materials(makes for four) and Precooking

2kg (4.4 pounds) dropwort
1kg (2.2 pounds) young scallion
1 cup flour paste
1 cup ground red chili
1/4 cup shrimp juice
1/2 cup anchovy juice, boiled, with the solid part filtered out
3 bulbs garlic
1 chunk ginger
1 spoon sesame seeds
dropwort choose fresh ones and remove the leaflets and root ends. Wash clean.
young scallion Wash and clean.
salting mix dropwort and young scallion together and salt lightly, then rinse and drain.
shrimp juice gather up the solid part and mince.
garlic and ginger clean and wash. Mince.
  1. Some of the materials and most of the wares actually needed are not included in the materials list, assuming they are readily available in any home.
  2. Metric values are approximated into pounds and inches, as they are not absolutes.

  1. Seasoning; Mix the ground red chili thickly with the flour paste, and add shrimp juice, anchovy juice, minced garlic, ginger and sesame seeds.
  2. Mix the salted vegetables well with seasoning. Gather 1 or 2 dropwort and scallion together with the mixed-in seasoning and bind in a roll. Put the roll in a pot. Repeat until all the vegetables are rolled. Press hard when piling in the pot.
  3. Cover the lid and put in a cool place to ferment. Cut into appropriate sizes when serving.

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