The Singapore Pavilion will enhance Singapore's presence on the Internet. Think of it as a pavilion amongst many other pavilions from other countries in the world's fair. A pavilion for showcasing everything Singaporean. It will be good opportunity for us to introduce to the world, our lifestyle, culture, history and heritage, using state of the art technology on the Internet like live audio and video, Java applets or VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language).

A steering committee was formed last year, and will coordinate a series of activities that will take place for the whole of 1996. A list of possible activities has been drafted (see Calendar of Tentative Anchor Events) and the committee is liaising with various different parties to make these activities a reality. Anybody can be part of the Internet 1996 World Exposition, and the committee welcomes ideas and contributions to make the Singapore Pavilion even more exciting!

A briefing was held on 16 January 1996, the following are reports from the press and media:

  1. Zaobao (Singapore's Chinese daily)
  2. The Straits Times
  3. Singapore Business Times
  4. TCS 5 7pm News 16/01/96 (Clip A Quicktime Movie - 3Mb)
  5. TCS 5 7pm News 16/01/96 (Clip B Quicktime Movie - 4Mb)

Singapore Pavilion Logo Program - A Summary

The Singapore Pavilion logo program makes it easy for you to display an authorized logo on your Internet site. Displaying the logo declares your support for the Singapore Pavilion (Internet 1996 World Exposition) and makes it easier for Internet travelers to continue onto other sites with Singaporean themes. The orchid inspired logo also clearly identifies your site as being a showcase for the innovative presentation of information on the Internet.

Read the Logo Qualification Criteria, Logo Usage Guidelines and the Logo License Agreement to fully understand the details of the logo program., then fill out the online Logo Program Sign-Up form. We will respond with authorization and details of additional benefits of being part of the Singapore Pavilion.

Singapore Pavilion Logo Program - Qualification Criteria

Unlike other logo programs, ours is not intended to lock you into any particular technologies or way of presenting your information. It is intended to allow like minded citizens and friends of Singapore to enjoy the benefits of the Internet without having to worry about its darker side. To this end, our criteria for qualification are amazingly simple:

Singapore Pavilion Logo Program - Usage Guidelines

The Singapore Pavilion Logo Committee (the "Committee") reserves the right to change the Singapore Pavilion Logo (the "Logo") and these Usage Guidelines at any time and solely at its discretion. Wherever possible, the Committee will provide advance notice of these changes. Use of the logo inconsistent with these guidelines is explicitly prohibited. Please direct questions to "".

  1. Use the Logo solely to indicate your allegiance to the Singapore Pavilion.
  2. Used online, the Logo must be an active link to "".
  3. Use only camera-ready artwork or electronic artwork of the Logo supplied by the Committee. The Logo must stand separate from the rest of the information and may not be used as a feature or design element of any other logo.
  4. The online version of the logo as provided comes in three sizes (Small, Medium and Large) which may be used freely. Reduction, enlargement, distortion or animation are not permitted.
  5. The logo must not be used in anyway that may imply the Committee’s sponsorship or endorsement of your product service or Internet site.
  6. The logo must not be used in conjunction with any material that may disparage Singapore, the Singapore Pavilion or the Internet 1996 World Exposition.

The Committee reserves the right to review your usage of the Logo. Noncompliance with the Logo License Agreement or with these Guidelines could result in the revocation of your license to use the Logo. All licensees must correct any deficiencies in their usage of the Logo or the quality of the Pavilion, Event or Place which displays the logo upon reasonable notice from the Committee. Refusal to correct such deficiencies may result in revocation of your license to display the Logo.

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