Collection by Dr. Naokichi Ohe
Courtesy by Library Collections Management Office at
The Kyoto University of Art and Design

Currently we are working on digitizing the "Last period of Ukiyo-e " of "Kunichika Toyohara (1835-1900)" ; who gained a reputation since the end of Edo period to Meiji period. His works was world's largest collected by Dr. Naokichi Ohe (the previous president of Kyoto college of Art ), and donated to Kyoto university of Art and Design's library.
Kunichika was very good at "Yakusha -e ; Kabuki actor's potrait " , especialy he was strong in expressing the close-up of the actor's look. Besides, he design the new method for it. He used three pieces of paper to create one actor's portrait, which is very bold "wide vision" composition and and looked remarkably powerful.

During a process of digitaizing it , we retouch and adjust the tone of colour to make it perfect "Digital Kunichika". In the future we have a plan to print it into Japanese paper. Besides, it will be possible to be seen on the Hi-Vision tube.

We think that digital artwork might rise above original artwork, and someday we could see new digital aesthetic in it, which we have never seen before.

Following 6 sample images is typicaly Kunichika"s Ukiyo-e paintings.
"Ichikawa Sadanji, I as Akiyama kii-no-kami in a Scene about the Fire at the Meiji-za Theatre". etc.

Sadanji-Original Ichikawa-Original Shibaraku-Original Yakusya-e.1 Yakusya-e.3
Sadanji-Retouch Ichikawa-Retouch Shibaraku-Retouch Yakusya-e.2 Yakusya-e.4