View of Durga Puja shrine


Priest in Smoke On the morning of Navami, the third and final day of the Durga Puja, priests begin the rituals that culminate in the Maha-arati, a devotional offering where lamps are lit amid great clouds of incense. Afterwards, an atmoshpere of festive celebration pervades the pandals.

As the day progresses, drummer in a pandal music is heard again in the pandals. Audio 3:25 But this time it is not a devotional chant or mantra. It is music for pleasure --- dance music with sinuous melodies and infectious rhythmic cycles. In a way, this lively and joyous atmosphere is yet another devotion to Durga. After all, She is an honored guest soon to depart for another year, and it is only fitting that she be entertained on her final evening in the pandal.

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