Magic Stream
& Reaching out Awards:

Three Stars from Mental Health Net
" Three stars from Mental Health Net
the largest catalog of mental health, psychology,
and psychiatry resources online today."

Psych Club Award "Web Psych Club Award Recepient"

Four Stars from Heavy Hitter Fitness Rating "MindLinks - The Mind/Body Connection"

"If I could nominate you
to the Nobel Peace Prize,
I certainly would do it. Your good work deserves attention!"
Michael Holmboe Meyer

"From a fighter in the silent revolution against child abuse"

"I am happy to give you the Peace award. I feel that you are a corner-stone to peace." Panthera

"The Mouse Ambassador of Good Will Award"

Wow "WOW Pick Award "Cool Concepts"

Dusty's Best of the Web Award

Best of the Best Featured Site"Spirituality"

Funky Mama Award "For Graphics"

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